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Curriculum Support, Learning Management, and Cost-Savings

With shrinking budgets and growing expectations, it’s critical that administrators provide teachers with access to high quality content that directly supports the Common Core Standards, formative and performance based assessment, interoperability between data systems, and sustainable and collaborative professional development.

With SAFARI Montage, administrators can do this at a fraction of the cost when compared to the cost of maintaining, upgrading, or replacing their existing video infrastructure. SAFARI Montage is a comprehensive solution ideal for district-wide curriculum, communication, media, and professional development distribution.

The SAFARI Montage suite supports the integration of learning standards, promotes collaboration, and provides digital resource access securely inside your district, from home, or on any web-enabled device. Keeping your budget in mind, the folks at SAFARI have designed their suite in modules, allowing you to expand your system from year to year. Simply put, you don’t have to buy everything all at once. The suite is customizable to your needs and your plans for district-wide achievement.

Click here for a complete list of content packages, publishers, and titles available through SAFARI Montage >

Learn about some of our favorite SAFARI Montage modules

Want to learn more about the curriculum support, technical advantages, and cost-savings associated with SAFARI Montage? Get started with a local Teq rep.

Connect and collaborate with colleagues
and students

SAFARI Montage Live-5! Enterprise Interactive Videoconferencing

  • Connect and collaborate with colleagues and students easily and affordably
  • Facilitate interactive group sessions led by one or many broadcasters
  • Easy-to-use interface and simple setup means minimal training and technical support
  • All a user needs is a camera and a microphone connected to his or her computer
  • Enables reliable school-to-school or school-to-home education for many applications, including AP classes, distance education for homebound students, professional development for teachers at school or at home, virtual field trips to remote locations, and parent meetings

Manage your district’s video resources

SAFARI Montage Selective Video Streaming

  • Manage which live video resources are accessible to teachers and students
  • Ensure that only appropriate internet video and TV content reaches the classroom
  • Control bandwidth consumption
  • Stream pre-selected internet video, cable TV channels, and live video
  • Cut costs by eliminating the need to upgrade old coax/RF networks

Manage your network from a single interface

SAFARI Montage WAN Manager

  • Control all system configurations, permissions, and users by school from one interface
  • Enjoy the control and convenience of managing content centrally
  • Features load-balancing functionality between multiple servers for efficient distribution regardless of bandwidth
  • Optimize high-bandwidth networks with central servers
  • Accommodate low-bandwidth WANs by placing servers within the schools
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