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The satalight® is accessible to people of all ages with significant physical and/or learning disabilities, including those in wheelchairs.

The satalight® significantly increases student engagement, so educators can assist students with physical and developmental disabilities to become more independent by their participation in computer-based educational activities. Think of the satalight® as a large touch screen and a computer access tool. With it, special needs students experience technology like never before. Using your educational software or websites on your computer, the satalight® will cater to individuals with multiple disabilities within any classroom, office or home environment.

There are many ways for low incidence special needs individuals to use the satalight®. As a computer access tool, many students in wheelchairs can touch the screen surface to control a computer. The satalight® may also be quickly raised or lowered for those students using floor stands or wedges.

The satalight® Interactive Learning Station's viewing area is 500% larger than a typical 19" monitor. It is an ideal tool for the visually impaired students, when using electronic text or software programs. If brightness, contrast or colors are a problem, third-party software may be used with the satalight® to adjust display characteristics.

The satalight® Interactive Learning Station's uniquely innovative and flexible design makes adjustments as easy as snapping your fingers! The satalight® lets you make tilt and height adjustments in fewer than 30 seconds with a push of a button. It also has an improved cable management system, a handle and cord wrap, and options which include speaker adjustability and a flexible laptop arm mountable on either side of the unit.

The satalight® features the SMART Board 640 interactive whiteboard with a special projector, making it bright enough to be easily seen, even under direct classroom lighting. The touch-display surface is infinitely more accessible to physically challenged students than stationary, wall-mounted boards. Its flexible height adjustment makes it ideal for use with young children in early learning classrooms.

The satalight® is a great computer access tool for autism spectrum disorder or traumatic brain injury patients.

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