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SMART Response PE

SMART Response PE
interactive response system

With the push of a button on their wireless remotes, students can instantly tell you how much they know.

You'll no longer have to wonder whether all your students are keeping up with lesson material, because you'll see precisely how well each student is doing. With that insight, you can adapt lessons based on test results or how students respond to your questions.

Gain instant insight into student understanding

The SMART Response™ PE interactive response system combines handheld wireless remotes (or clickers), a receiver and powerful assessment software. Teachers can gauge student understanding on the spot and adjust their teaching accordingly to be assured that all students in the classroom are following the lesson. Icons and screencap SMART Response assessment software guides you through every task with intuitive prompts, clear directions and direct links.

Best of all, SMART Response PE integrates seamlessly with SMART Notebook collaborative learning software, giving you the tools you need for developing and delivering lessons and evaluating student learning.

Create questions easily

SMART Response PE provides everything you need to spontaneously add questions to lessons or easily prepare quizzes, tests and exams. The system combines the power of SMART Response assessment software with the lesson-creation tools and features of SMART Notebook software.

Using SMART Response PE with SMART Notebook software enables you to create your own questions that can be easily integrated into any lesson or assessment activity. You can also choose from hundreds of ready-made SMART Response question sets available on the SMART Exchange website, or import questions and quizzes from third-party software applications and question banks.

Ensure every student understands the lesson

Once students respond to questions using their remotes, the results are summarized in a pie chart or bar graph in SMART Notebook software. The instant responses enable you and your students to see if the majority of the answers are correct, or if further review is required. By seeing results right away, you can adjust your teaching on the fly and be assured that every student in the classroom understands the lesson. And thanks to Teacher Tools, test results are also automatically added to the built-in gradebook and saved in a single file, which helps you organize data. The privacy mode allows you to restrict viewing of sensitive information, such as student identification data and test scores.

Evaluate student progress quickly

Teacher Tools enables you to access, view and manage all assessment data in one location. Tag student names or assessment questions with keywords to track characteristics that will help you measure and evaluate performance. You can tag questions by educational standards and cognitive levels, helping you track performance and identify areas for student improvement. Teacher Tools also enables you to choose from 18 in-depth reports, giving you the ability to display trends, view performance data based on custom criteria and create reports that are as simple or as detailed as you need – from pie charts showing individual student achievement to bar graphs comparing class performance. You can even create assessment reports that show grades for the entire school year.

Work with familiar products and applications

SMART Response PE is integrated with SMART Board interactive whiteboards and SMART Notebook software, as well as other education software and Microsoft Word, which means you can use it with the equipment you already have, without extra training required. You can also create custom exports and upload test results to third-party gradebooks or databases.

Integrated with SMART Notebook software

Create dynamic questions and assessments by accessing SMART Response PE directly within SMART Notebook software. SMART Response PE is seamlessly integrated with SMART Notebook software, giving you one application for creating lessons, delivering assessments and evaluating student comprehension.

Ergonomic design

Even young students will find the durable handheld remote easy to use and comfortable to hold.

Intuitive buttons

Enable students to use the remotes without any special training.

Questions integrated into lessons

Create questions for formative and summative assessment, prepare quizzes or exams in advance and ask spontaneous questions to gauge students’ comprehension at any point during a lesson.

Display results immediately

Display question results in easy-to-view pie charts or graphs, which you can then drag into a SMART Notebook software page for a closer view and add your own notes in digital ink. You can also view assessment progress before all students have answered, and view results in detail, so you can see exactly how each student has answered.

Question variety

Ask different types of questions using six question types – true or false, yes or no, multiple choice, multiple answer, numeric and text response.

Anonymous mode

Allow students to respond with complete anonymity. Students can use SMART Response PE without signing in, or they can participate in a quiz using any remote, enabling you to gauge understanding as a group.

Comprehensive gradebook

Use the built-in Teacher Tools gradebook to generate up to 18 student and class performance reports that are automatically collected and saved in one location. The gradebook automatically collects answers and grades, stores results and displays student and class history and trends alongside assessment, educational standards and cognitive levels. Teachers can also generate PDF reports or export results to Microsoft Excel.

Classroom management

Use the built-in Teacher Tools gradebook to create class lists or import existing class lists to track student performance and record test results. In addition, you can set up, conduct and manage tests and quizzes, then monitor each student's progress during a test and instantly view results.

Mixed mode

Enables the use of SMART Response LE, SMART Response PE (formerly Senteo), SMART Response XE and SMART Response VE interactive response systems – in the same assessment.

Intuitive on-screen links

Progress easily through tasks step-by-step, guided by clear links and simple prompts. A single click lets you create questions, start and stop a quiz or view results.

Privacy setting

Use the privacy mode in the system’s built-in gradebook to ensure sensitive student identification details and test scores aren’t seen by other students or teachers.

Answer key

Quickly and easily create answer keys for self-paced assessments.

Weighted marking

Assign different point values to individual questions within a test or quiz, or adjust student scores in the built-in Teacher Tools gradebook.


Tag student names and assessment questions with keywords to track specific characteristics that will help you measure and evaluate student performance. You can also tag questions according to educational standards to track student performance and according to cognitive levels to develop higher-order thinking skills.

Export assessment results

Export results in Microsoft Excel format (.xls) or text format (.csv). Customize text files by choosing the fields required for the report, including question-level data.

Import existing questions

Visit the SMART Exchange website to access free question sets that are correlated to curriculum standards. SMART Response PE is also compatible with other commonly used file formats, so you can import questions from other applications, including Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel, PDFs (Mac only) and third-party question banks.

Content pages

Measure student comprehension during any lesson by inserting questions between content pages in SMART Notebook software.

Large LCD screen

With a large LCD screen display, students can easily view their responses.

Multiple print options

Print quizzes as handouts so students can complete them at their own pace, or add comments to completed tests that can be printed and used later as study guides.

Radio frequency (RF) technology

The system provides a reliable and convenient wireless connection between the students' remotes and the receiver. You don’t need a line of sight and remotes have a range of up to 100' (30 m).

Easy connection and installation

Connect the receiver to a computer using a USB connection. The receiver can either be mounted on a wall or placed on a desk. No extra power supply is required.

Convenient maintenance features

View power status with LED lights on the receiver. You can also see whether information has been sent or received.

Extended battery life

Each remote uses two AA batteries, which are long-lasting and easy to replace.

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SMART Response PE - Full specifications - Download full specifications PDF

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