Modular Furniture

As schools are implementing new technologies into the design of their classrooms, don't let furniture stay in the past. Configurable desks and soft seating easily rearrange to fit your classroom environment. Add outlets and USB ports to keep student devices up and running.

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Customize your classroom environment to fit the needs of your students. Create collaborative spaces, areas for direct instruction, or space for individual work.


Modular furniture brings simplicity and functionality to any classroom. Designed for a variety of learning styles and to promote collaboration, modular furniture
is easily assembled, and have numerous group configurations.


Lounge seating creates a multitude of spaces for establishing privacy or collaboration. Coordinating pieces configure as circular or straight arrangements.

Charging Access

Add outlets and USB chargers to your desks or add mobile power towers to your classroom, providing convenient and easy access to students.

Discover the new classroom for the 21st Century.

Teq offers full technology-based learning concepts for every level of K12 education. Select your school level below and discover the new modern classroom.