Specializes in producing various robots and kits for hobbyists, STEM education and entertainment.

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Robotis produces robotics kits for STEM education, designed to introduce and engage students in subjects such as engineering, coding, physics and more. From the Play Kits to the Robotis Mini kit, students will gradually learn more about the general principles of engineering, coding, physics, and more in an engaging way.

Each robotics kit comes with a fully-colored assembly guide, building tips, curriculum, pre-designed lessons, and free Roboplus software allowing you to easily build, control, program, and interface with your robots.

Robotis Play 300 Dino’s and 600 Pets

Starter Kit (Recommended Grades K-3)

Robotis PLAY Series are robotics kit designed to introduce studentsto simple engineering concepts by allowing students to build their own robots. The kits introduce students to the basic parts needed to build robots, including actuators, rivets, motors and more.

Robotis Play 700

Kit 1 (Recommended Grades K-3)

Robotis Play 700 kit introduces coding by having students create programs for their robots through R+ Task and R+ Scratch software.

Robotis DREAM Kits

Kit 2 (Recommended Grades 3-6)

Robotis DREAM robotics kits introduces the fundamentals of mechanical design and the scientific principles of movement, speed, leverage, elasticity, inertia and more. Specifically, Robotis DREAM features:

  1. Level 1 – Introduces basic robotics movementsand their scientific principles such as the center ofgravity, force, and electric power. Level 1 also teachesthe principles of biped (2-legged) and quadruped(4-legged) robotics.
  2. Level 2 – Builds on level 1 to teach the basics aboutthe structure of robots, IR sensors, and microphone sensors. It also teaches scientific and physical principles of speed, elasticity, inertia, acceleration, and resultant force.
  3. Level 3 – Teaches the principles of pulleys and other equipment and how to utilize robot peripherals.
  4. Level 4 – Provides more advanced teaching of robotics including on machine equipment such as LEDs and caterpillar wheels and introduces scientific principles
    such as energy transitions.

Robotis STEM Series

Kit 3 (Recommended Grades 6-9)

The ROBOTIS STEM kits introduce real-world engineering and physics concepts including centrifugal and centripetal force, angular velocity, the conservation of energy, and more! The STEM kits also introduce DYNAMIXEL actuators, which are used with industrial applications worldwide and introduce principles of robot programming related to them.

Robotis Mini

Kit 4 (Recommended Grades 8-10)

Robotis Mini is the most advanced robotics kit in the product line and allows your students to integrate concepts explored with the Dynamixel actuators, sensors, LEDs’, and motors explored in previous kits to build their own miniaturized humanoid robot. The Robotis Mini can also be programed using R+ Task and allows students to explore the most advanced C/C++ based programming concepts through programming its Arduino-like open-source embedded controller.

Software Suite

Download the R+ Design app for a preview of robot assembly and structure. Zoom in/out or rotate the 3D model to view the robot from any angle.

Robotis products can be programmed using RoboPlus Task (or R+Task 2.0), a graphical, drag-and-drop programming tool based on C++. (Not available for iOS at this time.)

R+ task software is a free colorful, icon-based programming tool based on C++ students can use to create programs for their robots. Programming your robots becomes more complex as you build robots that have more parts. With Robotis, you will have the opportunity to gradually explore more advanced coding concepts as you advance through each of our kits, eventually being able to explore advanced coding concepts with the Mini.

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