Creating a Sustainable Future

Post in Teq News by NinaSclafani on 16th May 2017

Last month, we shared a few of our favorite ways SMART amp can be used in your classroom with the 5 Things You Can Do with SMART amp. This month, we wanted to share with you how SMART amp can be used to help students discover their inner greatness—which is what happened to the fifth-grade students of Camelot Elementary in San Antonio, Texas.

The students already had the tools to succeed within themselves, but with SMART amp, they were able to develop it.

“I Can Change the World”

The students of Mrs. Scott’s fifth-grade class were given a task, work together to research alternative sources of energy and use SMART amp to present their findings.

Working together, the students were able to learn about hydroelectric power and put together an amazing presentation that included diagrams, pictures, videos, and facts that they shared with their fellow classmates. By collaborating on SMART amp, the students were able to collect and organize their findings with ease.

From this experience, students like Jocelyn (featured in the video below) discovered that they can thrive in a group.

“My whole team thinks they can change the world and we can work together,” said Jocelyn. “You can start creating little things right now, and maybe they’ll get bigger and bigger.”

Through this collaborative project, Jocelyn learned that she and her peers are the creators of a sustainable future.

To see her story, watch the video below.

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