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Teq Webinar - SMART amp
SMART amp©, the newest product offering from SMART Technologies, is a web-based platform designed to connect different devices to a single, collabora
Teq Webinar - Choose Your Own Adventure with the NAO Robot
The NAO Robot is an exciting educational tool that not only teaches students the basics of computer programming, through the accompanying software Cho
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Basic Computer and Internet Use

If you would like to have content up on your interactive whiteboard but be working simultaneously on your computer on things you don\'t want your student to see, this video is for you. Learn how to extend or duplicate your displays when using a PC computer and interactive whiteboard.
This video shows you how to create a bookmark in the Safari web browser and explains the organization structure for bookmarks and the reading pane.
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NAO and Choregraphe

When you send images of objects that you have "taught" your robot you are overwriting any previous images. This video will teach you how to, using exporting and importing of a vision recognition database, continuously update the database instead of overwriting it.
In this video you will learn how to teach your NAO robot, faces. Using Choregraphe software you will be able to teach the robot as many faces as you like. This video also shows how to create a simple behavior using boxes and the faces that have been learned by the robot.
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This video will show you how to create and add questions to a Study Quiz and then assign it to your students using LearnerPal.
This video will show you how to Create courses and manage them by enrolling students into LearnerPal.
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This video shows you how to upload a Microsoft Word document into your Google drive but in the Google format. This will enable you to edit and share the document with others as opposed to uploading the Word file as is, maintaining its Word extension, and only sharing.
This video shows you two ways to insert an image into Google forms as well as how to keep your questions separate by inserting page breaks.
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This video shows you how to create custom badges in Edmodo and then reward them to students.
This video shows you how to add and conduct a poll within your Edmodo group.
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ActivInspire Basics

This video will show you how to convert your ActivInspire Flipcharts into SMART Notebook friendly pages.
Learn how to use ActivInspire software to convert handwriting to text.
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Intermediate ActivInspire Techniques

This video shows you how to download a resource pack off of the Promethean Planet website as well as how to import the packs into the My Resources tab in the Resource Browser.
Learn to create a sticky note that carries the digital ink with it wherever it moves. This feature is also useful when writing on diagrams.
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Advanced ActivInspire Techniques

Learn how to use ActivInspire to make unwanted picture borders transparent.
Learn a cool technique for an interactive page and create a sorting activity using the container settings in the properties browser.
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Rich Media in ActivInspire

Learn how to find an .mp3 using FreeInfoSociety.com and embed it into a Flipchart.
In this video, you will learn how to take a sound you already have on your computer and add it to an object on a Flipchart page.
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SAFARI Montage Basics

SAFARI Montage - Search for Content
Learn how to search for content on your SAFARI Montage Server.
SAFARI Montage - Search by Standard
Learn how to search for content by Learning Standard, including CCLS.
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