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Archiving a Class in Google Classroom

To celebrate #GooglePDWeek, we will be sharing a series of Google #TeqTips throughout the week. Today, we will be covering how to archive a class in Google Classroom. Take a look at the quick video above to learn how to: remove a class from your students' active classes, review archived Google classes, restore or delete archived classes, and provide students with access to the previous year's work.

Facilitate Discussions in Google Classroom with Questions!

These online discussions are great for homework or extension activities based on topics learned in class. Teachers can post questions for homework so students begin their discussions outside of class, giving them time to formulate their answers, find quality evidence, and craft comprehensive, well-supported responses.

Technology and the Socially Conscious Classroom

As educators, we're responsible for helping children learn how to live effectively in the world they will graduate into, and that includes being able to navigate social questions whenever they arise. Because of this, we've put together this list of socially conscious web sources that help teach your students how to not only be good global citizens, but good citizens in general as well.

Sudoku in Google Sheets

Sudoku for sheets is easy to use and can be an extension activity, “free” time practice, built into instruction, or a daily practice. Whatever the usage, games like Sudoku can help students improve their attention span and enhance their problem solving and memory skills.

Digital Citizenship in the Digital Classroom

The basics of good digital citizenship can be broken down into three basic categories: Respect, Educate, and Protect. Thus, we will attempt to break down our recommendations and resources based on these categories, with a few more at the end that are comprehensive.

Breakout EDU

Breakout EDU creates empowering experiences through game-based learning for all grade levels with the fun and excitement of an escape room. Its unique combination of physical and digital game options allows students to learn from trial and error while strengthening 21st century skills.

Sep 2023

September Class Preview

The school year is here and at Teq that means new courses specially designed to help you get your year started right. Join us for courses on organizing your computer, prepping your Google Drive and the beginning of our newest Digital Teacher Certification on SMART Notebook 15.1. With busy start of year schedules, don’t forget that you can join us live or watch all our courses archived at convenient times for you!

August Class Preview

August at Teq is a busy month as we work to prepare teachers for the approaching school year with some of our best Online PD courses! No matter your grade or subject level we’ve got something for you!

A Short Teacher’s Guide to Programming Languages

Choosing a programming language to teach your students can be tricky; after all, to an unpracticed eye many of them look exactly the same! However, different languages are used in different situations, to create different kinds of programs, or even for different hardware depending on the situation. This means that there isn't any one answer to the question of what programming language to teach, but that there's a lot of information about each language to consider. Here's a list of some languages you might have heard of recently, along with some notes to help you decide.

Technology for the Tired Teacher

We also know that the midwinter break can be a valuable time for exhausted teachers to 'reset', in a matter of speaking. Throughout the year, one of the most common sources of stress for a teacher is the sheer amount of work that goes into keeping your classroom current. Grading quizzes, calculating gradebooks, filing paperwork and making parent calls—these and more are all necessary tasks, but can take up a lot of time and effort an educator may not have the reserves to maintain. However, using the right tech can help make these jobs more efficient!...

Office Lens

Using Office Lens, you can take photos of photos, documents, or even whiteboards to convert into documents. The app can create PDFs, Word, and Powerpoint documents out of the images you take, then send them to OneDrive or OneNote for immediate storage. The next time you log onto OneDrive or OneNote from any device, there your documents are, ready and available to use and edit all you want.

Better Learning through Augmented Reality

Current levels of augmented reality are increasingly finding a foothold in modern classrooms—and as more than just some technological novelty. By blending physical and digital resources in the same space, teachers are finding that AR adds a new level of interactivity to handouts, student readings, notes, and other things students might receive over the course of the year.

October Class Preview – Teq Online PD

There’s a lot to look forward to in October with Teq Online PD! Not only do we have a plethora of courses to help you incorporate technology into your classroom in exciting new ways, but we are also able to share them with you on our brand new Online PD platform!

Welcome to the NEW Online PD!

This summer, we've been working on making our favorite product even better. We are proud to announce the recent re-launch of our new Online Professional Development Platform!

Apps for Smart Student Habits

As your new students settle back into the routine of school, you'll be taking the time to get to know them: their strengths, their weaknesses, and most importantly, their habits. Helping an entire group of students you've just met navigate the new year can be daunting at best—and the demand can seem impossible if the students you receive have not learned smart study skills, or don't know how to manage their time when working on a project.

Interactive Videos with Educanon

Educanon is a free website (with paid features) that allows users to add questions and reflections to videos from various sources. Through the creation of classes, Educanon also makes it easy to share created content with students and monitor progress as they respond to these built-in questions.

Gamification: Games and Curriculum (Part 5 of 6)

A gamified classroom focuses on the repackaging of classroom elements to make them more encouraging to the students--NOT necessarily games. However, many popular games can be repackaged as well, and used in the classroom as a way to introduce content in an engaging way.