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The SAFE System

Schools should be a safe place, where teachers help students realize their full potential without the fear of danger and violence. The SAFE incident management system helps schools achieve this goal.

Aug 2020


Curriculum by teachers, for teachers. There are over 20 STEM Fuse courses available, each with their own teacher guide, step-by-step presentation, and lesson plans, for an easy deployment of STEM into core K-12 curriculum. STEM Fuse digital content fits any device, LMS, interactive board or panel, and can be downloaded as printable PDF files.

Jun 2020

The Radix Endeavor-A New STEM Experience

Developed by MIT and backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, The Radix Endeavor is "designed to develop an immersive virtual learning experience supporting high school math and biology instruction."

Fork Farms

Flex Farms are easily deployable, vertical hydroponic farming systems that make growing simple, efficient, and engaging. Discover the power of fresh, accessible food and empower a community Flex Farm of advocate growers.

Oct 2022


Formlabs 3D printing uses linear illumination and a flexible tank to turn liquid resin into flawless prints. The printers constantly monitor print performance and have integrated sensors to maintain ideal print conditions, allowing students to focus on bringing their designs to life.

Oct 2022

FrontRow Audio

FrontRow Audio solutions help schools overcome very different communication challenges, are simple-to-use, offer long term savings, and are proven to be effective in study after study. With multiple options and upgrade paths, schools have the freedom to choose the solution that best fit their classrooms.

Feb 2021


An iBlock is a 10-part sequence of student-led, teacher-guided lessons and activities that center on technology and culminate in a capstone project.

Students drive the learning and tackle the project as a team, while the teacher facilitates, providing guidance and coaching as students engage in skills-building, career-based exploration.

Jul 2020

Makey Makey

Makey Makey is an invention kit that tricks your computer into thinking that almost anything is a keyboard. This allows you to hook up all kinds of fun things to the Makey Makey board. Makey Makey uses high resistance switching to detect when you’ve made a connection even through materials that aren’t very conductive (like leaves, pasta or people). The Makey Makey can also act like a keyboard or mouse.

Jul 2020

Matter and Form

Matter and Form’s 3D scanner is an eye-safe laser scanner with patented technology for capturing a more diverse set of materials than other 3D laser scanners.

Jun 2020


Ultimaker’s line of 3D printers are the most industrial-grade desktop 3D printers on the market. Ultimaker’s revolutionary active leveling and simple swappable nozzle systems lend the printers their high uptime and reliable results.

Jun 2020


Veative gives students the opportunity to interact and engage with their subjects in a virtual reality (VR) environment. VR deepens connections to complex concepts through realistic and experiential learning.

Jun 2020


Robotis has created a diverse robotics product line that introduces and engages students in STEM subjects from an early age, including engineering, coding, physics and more.

Jun 2020


Dedicated to transforming STEM education within the k-12 classroom through active engagement with robotics.

Jun 2020


With all you need to deliver a high impact Computer Science and STEM learning classroom, pi‑top gives you the tools to create a transformative learning experience.

Jun 2020

Encourage each student to bloom as a whole with learning content that engages students’ minds and bodies, but also gives them an avenue for social-emotional learning.

Jun 2020

Tech Tub

The Tech Tub collection of storage and charging systems is designed to protect your classroom devices, and easily move them wherever learning takes place. With a variety of trolleys, carts, and easels available to stack and

Jun 2020

Audio Enhancement

Increase student engagement, improve teacher effectiveness, and maximize academic success with Audio Enhancement.

Jun 2020

Active Floor

Play is a child’s (and the memory’s!) preferred learning tool, so why not use play as a part of teaching? Active Floor provides an easy way to make learning and moving fun for everyone.

Jun 2020

NYSCATE Annual Conference

Stop by booth 407 and 409 to learn about new ways to support and integrate your STEM initiatives. We’ll be showcasing the robotics, coding, and maker solutions that bring learning to life – and talking about how to build your teacher toolkit with Online Professional Development: the best technology-centric eLearning platform out there. We’ll also be introducing iBlocks – a groundbreaking way to integrate STEM into your curriculum.

Technology and the Socially Conscious Classroom

As educators, we're responsible for helping children learn how to live effectively in the world they will graduate into, and that includes being able to navigate social questions whenever they arise. Because of this, we've put together this list of socially conscious web sources that help teach your students how to not only be good global citizens, but good citizens in general as well.

All About Pepper

While similar in some ways to NAO, Pepper has a greater ability to recognize and respond to human emotions based on facial expressions. Pepper also can be programmed on the same Choregraphe software that students are already using on the NAO robot. With many similar sensors and additional joints in its waist, students can create their own behaviors for Pepper, practicing their programming skills in an entirely new context.

A Short Teacher’s Guide to Programming Languages

Choosing a programming language to teach your students can be tricky; after all, to an unpracticed eye many of them look exactly the same! However, different languages are used in different situations, to create different kinds of programs, or even for different hardware depending on the situation. This means that there isn't any one answer to the question of what programming language to teach, but that there's a lot of information about each language to consider. Here's a list of some languages you might have heard of recently, along with some notes to help you decide.

Technology for the Tired Teacher

We also know that the midwinter break can be a valuable time for exhausted teachers to 'reset', in a matter of speaking. Throughout the year, one of the most common sources of stress for a teacher is the sheer amount of work that goes into keeping your classroom current. Grading quizzes, calculating gradebooks, filing paperwork and making parent calls—these and more are all necessary tasks, but can take up a lot of time and effort an educator may not have the reserves to maintain. However, using the right tech can help make these jobs more efficient!...

AskNAO for the Special Ed Classroom

This is never clearer than with the AskNAO platform—a tool created by Aldebaran for the NAO robot especially for special education classrooms. The platform is simple in structure—once logged in, teachers can create individual 'child' profiles for students who will be using the platform regularly.

Science Made Simple with Labdisc

Learn about our new favorite tool for the science classroom, LabDisc. LabDisc is an all-in-one sensor, designed for the easy collection and analysis of multiple kinds of data. The hardware itself is simple: using the disc alone, students have immediate access to a huge variety of data types, such as temperature, distance, moisture, pH, volume and light.

zSpace Releases New Updates!

For the 2015-2016 school year, zSpace expanded their engaging learning platform with new application releases and an entire new user interface for each of the zSpace applications.

GradeCam: Quizzes and Tests Graded in an Instant

GradeCam is a tool that will allow teachers to instantly grade assessments using a document camera or any device with a camera built in. Imagine walking around your classroom at the end of an assessment and scanning students’ answer sheets with your iPad, Surface, phone, etc. and having each and every grade instantly!

Gamification: Conclusion and Resource List (Part 6 of 6)

Many of the concepts we've touched on in the last five posts are only part of the discussion. Now it's up to you to take those tools, continue the exploration, and engage your students in new ways. To help, we included one more post to the series. As a guide and a gift to you, we've compiled a number of resources that inspired us while researching this series.

Gamification: Games and Curriculum (Part 5 of 6)

A gamified classroom focuses on the repackaging of classroom elements to make them more encouraging to the students--NOT necessarily games. However, many popular games can be repackaged as well, and used in the classroom as a way to introduce content in an engaging way.

Gamification: Pavlov and Classroom Management (Part 2 of 6)

Using certain tools, teachers can re-parse the way they monitor their student's actions to create possibilities rather than punishments. When students are conditioned to associate positive behavior with recognition, praise, or rewards, they will be more inclined towards acting positively, even in situations where it is difficult!

Download the February Teq Online PD Calendar!

This February, join our PD specialists as they cover everything from project-based learning to STEM activities with NAO and Choregraphe. Download the February course calendar, and start making the most of this chilly winter with 33 new and updated Teq Online PD courses.

Bring 3D to Your Classroom with zSpace

zSpace provides access to various apps that are centered around a comprehensive STEM learning environment. Students are encouraged to explore scientific principles using the software available on their zSpace system. Let’s take a closer look at three zSpace applications and their use for multi-level instructional practice.

Concepts for the Modern Robotics Classroom

Robotics programs are becoming more and more popular in public schools across the US. Hundreds of schools are currently reporting that they are running either a class or an after-school program focusing on robots. However, upon further research, we found a minor issue with many of their programs; they’re incomplete. In this article, we've highlighted three concepts that any long-term robotics curriculum should at least touch on. Each topic provides a slightly different approach to robots, but all three build on critical thinking skills necessary to engage with robots (and with computers in general).

Front Row for Assessment

Teachers are often looking for new ways to assess their students’ knowledge of Common Core Learning Standards. Front Row is a web- based platform (and iPad app!) that allows you to motivate students, differentiate practice activities, and receive immediate feedback on student progress in your Common Core Math class.