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Writer’s Corner: Using SMART amp as a live bulletin board space for the ELA Classroom
January 8, 2018

Explore the fusion of technology and learning with SMART Learning Suite. This session will review the use of SMART Notebook and SMART amp to create a classroom environment that promotes collaboration through mobile devices and the SMART Learning Suite software. We will specifically be seeing how to create a living digital resource center for a […] Read More

Labdisc Winter Activities
January 3, 2018

Wouldn’t it be fun to predict when a snow storm would begin, or if it’s really quieter outside when it snows? With winter comes freshly fallen snow, hot chocolate, and holiday cheer. To help carry over the winter-season excitement into your science classroom, we have outlined three snow-driven experiments to keep your students engaged and […] Read More

Labdisc Earth Day Activities
December 7, 2017

To celebrate Earth Day, we are encouraging you to do just that. Take your science students outside with these 3 Earth Day-inspired science activities for the Labdisc. Finding a Soil Environment Best Fit for a Petunia Plant (Grade 6-7) A Comparison of Methods Used to Measure Water Clarity (Grade 6) The Greenhouse Effect (Grade 5-8) […] Read More

Formative Assessments with Plickers

There is no doubt that digital forms of assessment are increasingly popular in modern-day classrooms. In many cases, they require students to have access to devices such as iPads, Chromebooks, smartphones, or laptops. However, with Plickers, this is not the case. What is Plickers? Plickers is a powerfully simple tool that lets teachers collect real-time […] Read More

Branding Your School Via Social Media
November 10, 2017

Your browser does not support the video tag. Join Lisa Nielsen, the Director of Digital Engagement and Professional Learning for the NYC Department of Education, as she walks us through on how branding your school via school media can impact your student, parents, teachers and even the administrators. You’ll be introduced the importance of Social […] Read More

August 31, 2016

Modified Windows Hebrew Keyboard Created using the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Editor. Figure 1 Base State Type vocalized Hebrew easily with TeqNikud. Simply type a Hebrew letter and then its vowel. Or, when adding vowels to existing text, just position the cursor immediately after the letter and type the vowel. No longer do you need to […] Read More

SMART Notebook 2015: Concept Mapping

SMART Notebook 2015 introduces Concept Mapping, a powerful visual tool for a variety of grades and subjects. Easily create a concept map in class by typing, writing, or adding photos right into your SMART Notebook page. Read More