The SMART Board MX offers significant value and the essential collaborative features that educators love.

Digital whiteboard. Chromium™ web browser. Available in 65″, 75″ and 86″ sizes with 4K Ultra HD resolution, the MX series is a great value for schools that need an interactive display on a tight budget.


iQ technology

Seamlessly connect your lesson content, interactive display, student devices, and pedagogy in a few simple steps. All SMART boards equipped with iQ Technology still have the ability to be used as a stand alone device with whiteboard technology, with no need for any additional PC or devices connections. For more info or to request a product demo, simply fill out the form and a Teq Representative will reach out to you directly.

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Notebook Player/Whiteboard: Create an interactive lesson on your computer and send to the board wirelessly. Also use as a collaborative digital whiteboard with images, videos, interactive measurement tools, and pre-made activities and templates.

SMART Learning Suite Online Synchronization: Educators can have lessons synchronize in real-time between SMART Learning Suite Online and lesson content within the iQ Notebook Player whiteboard.

Access to Apps: iQ provides multiple ways to add apps directly on the display. Add Google Play Apps from the SMART Curated App Store, web-based apps from the Chrome Web Store, or deploy via Remote Management.

Interactive Widgets: Increase engagement by using interactive widgets such as Dice, Spinner, Clock, or Timer on top of any iQ content or video input.

Google Drive and One Drive Integration: Access and view files saved in these drives directly on the display through single sign on.

Screen Share: Share up to 4 screens using the SMART Screen Share App or cast to the display using a device’s native screen sharing technology, like Chromecast. SMART Screen Share app features touchback control for Win and Mac devices.

Simultaneous Tool Differentiation

Exclusive to SMART Boards, this feature frees up multiple students to perform separate tasks (ink, select, erase) at the same time, without interrupting their partners.

Ambient Light Sensor

Automatically dims or brightens the display, ensuring comfort when viewing content in any lighting condition.

Convenience Ports

Easily accessible convenience Ports for power, volume, mute, freeze frame, USB and HDMI inputs make it simple for students or teachers to connect their devices to the board.

Object awareness™ automatically differentiates between a finger, pen, or palm on the board to let you touch, erase, and edit with ease.
Responsive SMART ink™ guarantees writing legibility with your pen or a finger.
ENERGY STAR® certification is now across all sizes of the 6000S series to provide a more energy efficient panel, making it less expensive to operate and reducing your school’s carbon footprint compared to most other IFPs on the market.
Silktouch™ technology provides unrivaled precision for writing and touch, with hours of comfortable and error-free use.
4K UHD Display for stunning visual displays for the clearest instruction.
With 20 simultaneous points of touch on both Windows and Mac, multiple students can collaborate at the board using gestures such as zoom, rotate, and flip regardless of the operating system.

Exclusive HyPr Touch technology

Lets you write and touch with unparalleled precision and responsiveness, while automatically detecting the different pen tray tools.

Other Key Features:

Includes a subscription to SMART Assure Warranty which is a new full coverage warranty, now including onsite support for RMAs, advanced hardware replacement, and two-way shipping costs.

Speakers now at 15W each, extending the audio range of the panel and increasing quality.

MX series will now provide a live preview of any connected video input to take the guesswork out ofinput switching.

OPS slot is now available to accommodate new SMART OPS PC modules for anyone looking for a fully integrated Windows 10 Pro experience when using the panel.

Experience unmatched interaction on any Chrome OS device, only with SMART Interactive Displays.

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Complete classroom collaboration. Establish the most ideal environment to engage your students and get the most out of your SMART Board investment by bundling your SMART Board with an integrated Sight and Sound classroom solution.

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All SMART Boards come with a 1-year subscription to SMART Learning Suite’s interactive lessons, game-based activities, formative assessment, online co-creation and more (SMART Notebook, SMART lab, SMART amp, and SMART response)

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The SMART kapp iQ is an add-on module to the SMART IFP 7000, 6000, & MX series. This add-on not only frees the teacher's computer from the SMART IFP, but it allows students to interact with a variety of apps built into the panel. These applications include collaboration tools, access to SMART lab activities, Chrome, screen sharing, and more. Join this session to see the newest product from the SMART family of interactive technology.

Introduction to SMART Learning Suite Online

SMART Learning Suite Online (SLS) gives teachers a place to create classroom activities, assessments, and enhance archived lessons to extend learning. Join us as we walk through the SLS features that will help you to add an interactive spin to your static lessons that will spark engagement in your students. We’ll explore ready-made activity templates and complimentary lesson files that can be easily adapted to fit your classroom!

SMART Notebook® basic version Included
SMART Learning Suite Bonus 1-year subscription
SMART Ink® Included
iQ apps and features SMART Notebook Player
Customizable home screen
Live input preview
Digital whiteboard
Web browser
Native and app-based screen sharing
File and app libraries
Automatic over the air (OTA) updates
SMART OPS PC with Windows 10 Pro Optional
SMART Chromebox G3 Optional
SMART Remote Management Optional
Screen sizes (diagonal) 65", 75", 86"
Resolution 4K Ultra HD (3840 × 2160)
Refresh rate 60 Hz
Lifespan Commercial-grade – 50,000 hours
LCD quality Grade A
Brightness 350 cd/m²
Response time 65": 6 ms
75", 86": 8 ms
Glass Fully heat-tempered, anti-glare
Sensors Ambient light
Speakers 15 W front-facing speakers (×2)
Remote control
Wall mount bracket
Touch technology HyPr Touch™ with InGlass™
Simultaneous Tool Differentiation
Object awareness™
Pen ID™
Simultaneous touch points 20 – Windows & Mac
10 – Chrome OS
Tools included 2 pens
Magnetic pen tray
Operating system Android 8 Oreo
Memory 4 GB
Storage 32 GB
Wired RJ45 (×2) 100baseT
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac with 2 × 2 MIMO (both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands)
Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode
Radio and Bluetooth restrictions? Learn more
Front control panel Power, home, input select, screen shade, freeze frame, volume
Front connector / Convenience panel HDMI 2.0 in (HDCP 2.2), USB-A (×2), USB-B (touch)
Connector panels HDMI 2.0 out (HDCP), HDMI 2.0 in x2 (HDCP 2.2), USB-B 3.0 x2 (touch), USB-B 3.0 (touch), RS-232, RJ45, VGA, S/PDIF out, Stereo 3.5 mm in/out
OPS slot

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