The SAFE System

Having a reliable emergency alert system is not a luxury, it is a necessity.


Schools should be a safe place, where teachers help students realize their full potential without the fear of danger and violence. The SAFE incident management system helps schools achieve this goal.

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1. Teacher Pendant Microphone:

Wirelessly transmits a silent alert signal to the ceiling-mounted sensor. Simply press and hold the discreet alert button to activate the system.

2. Dome Sensor/Receiver:

Receives the alert signal from the microphone and sends it to the classroom network device. LED lights display red to indicate that the message has been sent and green when it has been acknowledged.

3. EduCam360 or Network Interface:

Relays the information over the network to the SAFE controller while providing a backup ambient microphone.


Live classroom audio and video become available instantly. Campus m apping features allow first responders to see exactly where an alert originated.

5. MS-1000 Monitoring Station:

Sounds an alert and strobe lights flash in the front or administrators office while displaying location information in the units message window.

4. SAFE Controller:

Monitors all network devices. Instantly sends a notification to the MS-1000 if an alert is triggered or one of the network devices goes offline. Email alerts are sent to administrators and appropriate personnel.

The SAFE System can be utilized with any new or existing Audio Enhancement speaker systems, thus increasing your overall return on investment.