Glowforge 3D Laser Printer is the ultimate laser cutting and engraving machine.

A fast, easy, and powerful tool for wood, leather, craft, paper, fabric, and DIY.

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Imagine if you had a magical printer that could create anything you dreamed of.

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Meet Glowforge

All Glowforge printers are quick to set up, easy to use, and work with hundreds of different materials.
Thousands of teachers and students are using Glowforge to transform handwriting, art, and computer-generated designs into 3D story books, forensic science dioramas, school dance decor, model-scale architectural plans, and even custom musical instruments.
Design Thinking fundamentals like ideation and prototyping take new shape when students watch their ideas go from “What if…” to “I did it!” in mere moments.

Glowforge Pro

The most powerful and capable model, ideal for classrooms and small businesses.

45 W laser tube power

3x enhanced top speed engraving

1.2x enhanced cutting speed

Enhanced cooling system to allow consistent prints without stopping

Unlimited length prints with passthrough slot

Glowforge Plus

A great solution for frequent and fast prints.

40 W laser tube power

2x top engraving speed

Upgraded hardware for improved cutting speed

Prints materials up to 18” long

Compact Air Filter

Allows the Glowforge to be placed anywhere.

Cleans the air, allowing the Glowforge to be operated anywhere

Without the Air Filter, the Glowforge unit must be placed near a window