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MAD-learn is an innovative Mobile App Development program that teaches students to develop their own mobile applications in the classroom while encouraging entrepreneurship and building future ready skills for the leaders of tomorrow.

MAD-learn is an innovative learning program to teach students how to easily build mobile apps to help solve real-world problems, build entrepreneurship skills, and share ideas with the world.
MAD-learn’s Mobile App Development program uses the Design Thinking Process to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s careers.

MAD-learn uses the Design Thinking Process to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s careers. Coding skills are optional!

Curriculum and Lesson Plans Built for You

MAD-learn Design Thinking Process:

1. Ideate

Brainstorm your amazing app ideas and decide which ones you are most passionate about building

2. Plan

Research and think critically about what you want your app to do and what functions you want to include.

3. Design

Edit or create your own images and logo to build your brand and to create the atmosphere you want your app to have.

4. Build

Create your app screens and customize them with the functions you want your app to include.

5. Test

Preview your app in the store, get feedback, revamp accordingly and ensure that it is polished and works perfectly.

6. Launch

Present and pitch your app to your class, school or even your district at a MAD-shark tank event.

Elementary level resources and activities suited for students in grades K-5. Secondary level advanced resources and activities for students in grades 6-12.
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