Matter and Form’s 3D scanner is an eye-safe laser scanner with patented technology for capturing a more diverse set of materials than other 3D laser scanners.

The scanner works perfectly with all third-party 3D printers and modeling programs, and offers engaging 3D experience that guides its users from beginner to pro.

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The tool for digital craftsmanship

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The Matter and Form 3D scanner uses a high-definition camera to capture 3D objects at a high resolution and convert them to a digital file. 3D scanning takes an object and makes it into a digital file (the inverse of 3D printing, which takes a digital file and makes it into an object). 3D scanning is a great tool to add to your STEM or 3D print lab. It brings together art, science, and technology for your students, and engages them in the engineering design process.

At the heart of the scanner’s technology is a high-definition camera that produces accurate, detailed color scans at resolution qualities that match (or top!) what more expensive scanners can achieve. The V2 supports Windows and Mac OS and allows students to scan solid items to create basic scans quickly and with little effort. It is also capable of exporting intricate, high-resolution, 3D representations for use in any number of digital 3D applications.

Designed for use with MFStudio (Matter and Forms desktop 3D scanning software), students will find themselves experimenting and learning to master the complexities of 3D scanning quickly.

What is in the Box:

1 AC Power Adapter

4 Interchangeable Power Adapter Plugs (set of 4 international)

1 USB B Cable

1 Plastic toy for first time scans

1 Calibration Box or Card and stand

Set-up Manual

Electronics Documentation

The scanner also features a removable plug in the center of the turntable bed. Removing the plug reveals a standard camera threaded socket that users can use to attach a tripod mount for holding objects in place.

About MFStudio and +Quickscan

MFStudio is a powerful scanning application with precise color texturing and robust cleaning tools. The +Quickscan add-on feature delivers immediate, responsive scanning. Together, MFStudio and +Quickscan produce rewarding, fast results that allow students to set up a scan and watch the object materialize on their screens in minutes.

Discover what’s possible.

Explore reverse engineering with Matter and Form’s 3D Scanner! Check out our lesson idea to learn one way to use this scanner to help students learn about Forces and Interactions — and Design.

Reverse Engineering

  • Using a toy truck or other small object, challenge students to think about potential design changes that could make the truck go faster.
  • Give students time to deconstruct the toy truck and scan it using the Matter and Form scanner.
  • Now that they have their objects 3D scanned, have them piece out the portions they will redesign to tackle the design challenge. One example could be modifying the hood of the toy truck to decrease drag.
  • Once redesigned, let students 3D print their redesigned part for the toy truck and test it for fit and function!

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