With Osmo, students explore, learn, create, and interact with digital games in a whole new way.

Osmo merges the power of physical play with the digital advantages of real-time feedback as students collaborate on tables or floors while manipulating tangible game pieces coding blocks as they play digital learning games.

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Play beyond the screen

Osmo merges the power of physical play with digital advantages of real-time feedback. Playing beyond the screen invites students to collaborate on tables or floors while manipulating tangible game pieces such as number tiles, letter tiles, and coding blocks.

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As students engage with Osmo apps, the Osmo reflector ‘sees’ the physical play pieces on a surface, such as a table, and cleverly engages, prompts, encourages, and corrects players. Osmo’s feedback component, and conscious blend of the physical and digital worlds, change the way kids collaborate, create, think critically, and communicate. The Osmo apps are built around topics like math, puzzles, coding, business, spelling, and drawing, and Osmo also provides lesson plans that educators can integrate into any classroom.

More than 30,000 early educational institutions use Osmo to change the way kidscollaborate, create, think critically, and communicate.
In addition, Osmo provides lesson plans, from phonics to photosynthesis, that educators can bring and integrate into any classroom.
How does Osmo work?

The reflector ‘sees’ the play pieces on a surface, such as a table, and the Osmo Apps cleverly engages, prompts, and encourages, and corrects players.

What is the educational value of Osmo?

Coding, problem solving, and sequence skills with Coding Awbie, Coding Jam and Coding Duo

Math with Pizza Co. and Numbers

Drawing skills and creative confidence with Monster and Masterpiece

Spelling and critical thinking with Words

Spatial relational skills with Tangram

World geography and cultural competency with Detective Agency

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Osmo Basics

Tablets have become so mainstream in our society that it's sometimes difficult for teachers to find the line between learning and play. That's where Osmo comes in! This learning tool seamlessly combines learning and play on a platform that is both physical and digital. Join this session to learn more about this fantastic product, and how it can fit into your classroom.

Coding Family Bundle
Detective Agency
Pizza Co.

Discover what’s possible.

Blending the best of hands-on and digital learning creates so many opportunities to engage students with content. Did you know that you can even use Osmo to get students familiar with Geometry concepts?

Tantalizing Tangrams

  • Review geometric shapes with your students. Ask for volunteers to identify shapes by name.
  • Ask students to identify shapes that can be used to make other shapes. Provide examples at the front of the room.
  • Introduce tangrams as a puzzle comprised of seven shapes that are arranged to form a design or image. Use the Osmo “Introduction to Tangram” game to get students familiar with the concept.
  • In groups, use the Osmo Tangram Tiles and play the “Osmo Tangram” game. Have students work through the four levels.

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Introducing iBlocks, a cross-curricular, holistic learning approach by structuring your learning content with a primary and secondary subject focus. But because iBlocks are also customizable and expandable, these foci can change to suit your school’s needs, should you choose to tailor your iBlock.