SAM Labs are easy and engaging app-enabled, programmable blocks that each have a function of their own and connect to each other in an easy-to-use lesson-based coding platform.

Discover the fun in coding by connecting software and hardware with step-by-step lesson plans that make learning about coding an accessible, experimental, and fun interactive experience.

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Implement STEM, STEAM, & Coding instruction while empowering teachers & improving student outcomes with SAM Labs customizable & engaging educator solutions.

Learn to Code Course

SAM Labs Learn to Code Course is designed for grades 4 to 8, anywhere educators are looking to make abstract programming concepts tangible. Designed for teachers at all levels of coding experience, use our easy-to-teach Block-based Coding platform and Bluetooth-connected hardware to bring projects to life.

Each lesson follows Sam on a mission through Cyberspace, providing students with the opportunity to learn Computer Science concepts, code a program, reflect on, and debug it.

STEAM Course

SAM labs STEAM Course helps K-5 educators prepare their students by introducing STEAM concepts from an early age. Use easy-to-teach coding and prototyping solutions to teach science, mathematics, and critical thinking.

A STEAM course subscription includes access to SAM Labs Flow-based Coding platform, which makes it easy to introduce coding to all ages. Power up your class with our Bluetooth-connected hardware that lets students bring their projects to life!

75+ hours of lessons are designed to increase student engagement, decrease teacher workload, and build confidence. Standards Alignment maps and Grade overviews are included to support your planning.

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Boost your classroom technology skills to engage your students and improve instruction with Teq’s Online Professional Development platform, now known as OTIS for educators. SCROLL DOWN for a sample course.

SAM Labs Basics

Do you believe that STEAM learning should be fun and engaging? If so, say hello to SAM Labs. SAM Labs kits are packed with electronic blocks that wirelessly connect to an app so students can create a variety of unique projects.

Getting Started with SAM Labs STEAM Kit

Equipped with exclusive bonus blocks, a variety of sensors, wheels, buttons, and attachments, SAM Labs STEAM Kit helps take creativity and engineering to the next level. Join us as we show you how to get making with the STEAM Kit!

Connect the dots between physical and digital with SAM Labs apps:

SAM Space

Main application for visual drag-and-drop programming. Cloud-based and offline modes with virtual blocks for when physical blocks aren’t available – include homework and outside class work! (iPad, Windows, Chromebook, Android) *multiple languages available

Google’s Workbench

Progress from SAM Space’s visual programming to your perfect Chromebook solution for block-based coding – the next step towards script-based language. Integrate with Learn to Code Kits that use micro:bit! (Chromebook, Chrome browser on Mac)

Discover what’s possible.

Mix coding with science! Have your students use SAM Labs to code a project to help them make observations during your Phase Change unit.

Properties of Matter

  • During your Phase Change unit, have students set up an automatic camera for observations. To do this, use Camera Blocks and Time Trigger blocks. Have students set each timer trigger one minute apart.
  • Then, place an ice cube on a plate and have the students position their devices in such a way that the camera is pointed at the area where the ice cube can be viewed easily.
  • Since the trigger blocks and camera blocks are connected, the camera will automatically take photos of the ice cube throughout the day. Have students review the photos and observe what happens when heat is applied to the ice cube during the day.
  • Challenge! Debug the code. How do you know if the camera has taken a picture? Add sound to be sure.

Drive student achievement, and career readiness.

Introducing iBlocks, a cross-curricular, holistic learning approach by structuring your learning content with a primary and secondary subject focus. But because iBlocks are also customizable and expandable, these foci can change to suit your school’s needs, should you choose to tailor your iBlock.