Sphero’s RVR, BOLT, SPRK+, and Mini are codable, robots with durable shells that take hands-on learning up a notch.

Filled with programmable sensors like motor encoders, LED lights, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and more, Sphero robots will foster a love of robotics, coding, and STEAM principles.

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Beyond Code

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By taking students “beyond code” with collaborative STEAM activities, Sphero lays the foundation for computer science through discovery and play. Students program the BOLT, SPRK+, and Mini robots by drawing, or using blockbased code, or script, all within the Sphero Edu app. Sphero brings coding fundamentals together in cross-curricular activities, and teaches the four C’s of 21st century learning: creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication.
Learning is evolving. Get on the ball. Designed to inspire curiosity, creativity, and invention through connected play and coding, SPRK+ is far more than just a robot.
Driving. Gaming. Coding. Now fun-sized.

Sphero Mini packs tons of fun into a tiny, app-enabled robotic ball. Drive, play games, learn to code, and more.

A striking way to learn and play.

BOLT was built to shine with an animated 8×8 LED Matrix that displays real-time data and advanced sensors like its gyroscope, accelerometer, and infrared communications. Get amped – Sphero BOLT establishes a striking new way to learn and play.

Sphero RVR

RVR is Sphero’s revolutionary take on the programmable robot — drivable right out of the box, packed with a diverse suite of sensors, and built for customization. Utilizing an expansion port, you can connect 3rd party hardware like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BBC micro:bit, and more. RVR is a mobile platform for everyone from beginners to elite hackers, educators, and students.

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Tech-Infused Learning: Geometry with Sphero

Looking for technology-infused learning ideas for your math classroom? In this session, we'll guide you through a geometry lesson that will put your students' critical thinking and measuring skills to the test! Geared towards 3rd through 6th grade students, this lesson will incorporate one of Teq's favorite robots, Sphero. In this lesson, students will apply their understanding of Geometry to create a maze that includes everything from right, acute, and obtuse angles to parallel and intersecting lines. Students will not only learn to program Sphero to travel the maze, but build collaboration skills as they maneuver through a different team's design.

Your hub to create, contribute, and go beyond code with Sphero robots.

Sphero Edu is the Sphero app for programming Sphero robots. From draw and drive commands to block-based or even JavaScript text programming, Sphero Edu focuses on learner progression.

Go beyond code by incorporating STEAM activities to complete with your bot. Join the growing community, share your creations to inspire and be inspired, and keep track of your class all in one place. Preparing for the future has never been so fun.

The Sphero EDU App

Sphero Edu uses app-enabled robots to go beyond just code with collaborative STEAM activities, nurturing students’ imaginations in ways no other education program can. Get ready to be the coolest teacher in school. Sphero Edu makes it easy to get started. From Draw & Drive to learning real JavaScript, introductory activities will get you rolling in no time. Designed for learner progression, the Sphero Edu app allows you to program your robot 3 different ways.


Beginners can draw paths that represent code for their robot to follow.


Intermediate coders can utilize the Scratch block-based programming interface.


Pros can use JavaScript and write text programs like a boss.

Discover what’s possible.

Use Sphero in your next math lesson to help students learn new concepts (and practice coding at the same time)! In our lesson idea, students learn about angles while working hands-on with the Sphero robot.

Perfect Sphero-Square

  • Challenge your students to create a 'perfect' square. Review the angles that comprise a square, and the equations that help us arrive at this number.
  • Have students open the Sphero EDU app and drag four 'roll' blocks into the program, with the angles increasing by 90 degrees.
  • Have students run the program they build. What can be noticed about the angles in their square? Are they displaying 90 degree angles?
  • Introduce 'delay' blocks and their purpose, then test their functionality. Now have students run the program with these blocks included. Have students discuss their impact on their final square.

Drive student achievement, and career readiness.

Introducing iBlocks, a cross-curricular, holistic learning approach by structuring your learning content with a primary and secondary subject focus. But because iBlocks are also customizable and expandable, these foci can change to suit your school’s needs, should you choose to tailor your iBlock.