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Umety gives students the opportunity to interact and engage with their subjects in a virtual reality (VR) environment. VR deepens connections to complex concepts through realistic and experiential learning.

Transforming Virtual Reality for Education

Umety’s learning content comes pre-loaded on the EduPro VR headset. With it, you have access to an educational library of over 400 interactive and immersive VR content modules. The content is aligned to national and state standards, is written around research-based instructional practices, and also offers formative assessment data and analytics for educators. Additionally, a special focus on STEM allows students to explore concepts that cannot be visualized with the “chalk-ntalk” method of teaching.

EduPro VR Headset with Controller and Content Bundle

The Umety EduPro VR Headset with Controller and Content Bundle is a top-of-the-line mobile VR solution made specifically for education. This bundle includes the Umety EduPro VR Headset with Umety’s content library pre-downloaded on the headset. The content library includes 550 STEM modules and 20 virtual tours for middle and high school.

The Umety VR solution comes with an easy-to-use online classroom and content management system. With this system, teachers can:

View module content for lesson planning

Launch VR content modules simultaneously on all student headsets

Pause or stop the module at any time

Monitor in real time what students are seeing

Umety’s science and mathematics standards alignment is certified by the expert educators at GAINS Education Group.

Aligned to national and state standards, including Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

Included scope and sequence provides teachers with a roadmap for integration

Corresponding pathways support preparation for SAT, ACT, and Career Technical programs in Healthcare and Agriculture

Reports and analytics allow quick visualization of how students are performing within the VR modules, giving teachers the ability to monitor performance of the class and individual students.

Umety Home Study Bundle

Provide interactive and immersive VR lessons online to students on any computer with internet access, including Chromebooks. Students can complete a variety of virtual, interactive activities including conducting science experiments, visualizing math concepts, and taking virtual field trips.

Umety home bundle study

With the Veative Home Study Bundle, educators can:

Access over 550 NGSS and Common Core aligned lessons for STEM, Educational Tours, SAT/ACT Prep, and CTE Pathways for Health Science and Agriculture
Provide formative assessments to students and track their progress remotely
Create custom playlists to push out to student devices
Launch, monitor, and control lesson modules simultaneously for all students.
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