3 Easy Steps to Extreme Collaboration

Classroom Tools on March 07 2014

As we design learning experiences for our students, one of our most important goals is to make sure that students are actively engaged in the learning.  Extreme Collaboration is an add-on to any version of SMART Notebook 11 that promotes active engagement during your lessons. There have been some changes recently that allow you to install this add-on and experience the premium features for 30 days after the activation of your first session. After 30 days, if you haven’t purchased a full license you will still be able to use the free features. Below are three steps that will help you begin to use Extreme Collaboration in your instruction.

1. Install the Add-On to SMART Notebook

Click on the link below to go to the Extreme Collaboration website:


At the top of the page, click on the Download tab then choose the appropriate installer – Mac or PC. This will download the installer to your computer.  Open and run the installer.  This goes fairly quickly.

After installation, start the SMART Notebook software. Click on the add-on tab (the puzzle piece) to find Extreme Collaboration whenever you’re ready to use it in your instruction.

2. Set Up an Activity in Extreme Collaboration

As you become familiar with the steps listed below and the options you have for using Extreme Collaboration, you’ll be able to create pages that promote students’ participation in the learning.  From the Add On tab, click on the Extreme Collaboration icon.

  • Click on the Connect button then click on the dropdown next to Session and decide whether students will connect anonymously or enter their name.

  • Click on the Start button. This generates a session number that students will enter from any Internet connected device using the address: http://add2nb.com when you’re ready to begin the Activity. If your students have mobile devices, you’ll notice that you can insert a QR code that can be scanned for quicker access to the session.

  • Click on the drop-down menu below “Activity” to set the options for your Activity: Random, List, Stack, List by category, Stack by category.  Each of these indicates how student responses will appear on the Notebook page.

    • Random – all responses will be placed randomly on a Notebook page.  Once students have submitted their responses, they are moveable text objects.

    • List – all responses will appear as a list on the Notebook page.

    • Stack – places all responses stacked on top of each other.

    • List by category – set up a Notebook page with text objects to identify categories for responses (e.g. Nouns, Verbs – as separate text objects on the page)  When you choose this type of Activity, you’ll see your categories listed and can choose which to include.

    • Stack by category – all responses are stacked under the categories you chose to include for student responses.

  • Click on the down-down next to Extended settings.

    • Allow images – from a mobile device, students can choose to add an image from their Photos or they can use the camera to take a picture and immediately add it.  Images are first processed by the device then the student will tap on the Send button.

    • Add sender’s name – each response will contain the student’s name if you previously required students to join using their name.

    • Allow text colors – students will be able to select a color for their contribution (black, blue, red, green)

    • Inherent font attributes – when a student submits a response, it will show up in the same font as the title or category heading on the page.  If there is no other text on the page, the default font/size set for the Notebook is used.

    • Messages/user – decide how many times students can submit a response from 1 to 5 or any.

  • Click on the Start Activity button. Now your students can begin to engage in the lesson content that you’ve created in your SMART Notebook.

3. Get Students Connected to Participate

On a mobile device or computer, students will go to add2nb.com, enter the session ID (found at the top of the add-on tab in your SMART Notebook), then tap on Connect.  Each student should now see a box to enter their text response or the option to choose an image to submit as well as a number indicating how many responses can be entered.  Alternatively, if you’ve inserted a QR code onto the page, students can use their mobile devices and any QR code scanning app which will take them directly to the session to get started.

What thoughts do you have about using Extreme Collaboration in your instruction?