Easy Infographics with Piktochart

Classroom Tools on November 30 2015

The marriage of two important words in education, information and graphic, can lead us to a valuable presentation tool to engage visual learners. Infographics are great ways to present important information in a visually appealing way, and there are a number of web resources that can make the process of creating them quite simple. Piktochart is one of the websites which provides various, user friendly templates that can be customized for any topic. With sample presentations, posters, and reports, Piktochart simplifies the process of creation, allowing users to focus more on the valuable information they would like to display.

Whether working on a project as a student or teacher, an infographic can help the creator appeal to visual learners with the use of images, graphs, and limited amounts of textual information. This is a great teaching and learning technique because it forces the creator to focus the content on information they believe is essential for their audience. With various layouts to choose from, the user can decide how much detail they want to appear in their graphic design. With Piktochart’s easy-to-follow editing tools, the user can personalize the content being created by adding custom graphics, background layouts, text and line tools. Check out my sample infographic below about Teq PD. It was created in minutes with the help of a Piktochart template.


Teq PD Infographic

Users also have the option to get creative and put together their own infographic, starting with a blank canvas. Piktochart supports the user throughout the process of content creation with various e-books and a blog for successful design techniques. With a free account, users can use the limited free templates and download their final product as an image file. Visit the site here and have fun creating!