NYC Schools Support Google Apps for Education and Chromebooks

Classroom Tools on November 25 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 3.11.48 PMIn a recent announcement, the New York City Department of Education has added Google Apps for Education and Chromebooks to their list of approved and supported tools for learning in the NYC schools. The decision was in large part based on the fact that many of the NYC schools had already integrated these learning tools into their schools and classrooms. In a recent blog post on the Official Google for Work Blog, Hal Friedlander, Chief Information Officer at the New York City Department of Education, acknowledged this when he stated, “The educators who live in the community and teach students every day have the best ideas about what they need in technology…The job of my team is to support technology choices that will help the schools.”

Friedlander highlighted a few key benefits of Google Apps for Education that make them ideal for the classroom including simplicity of use, ease of customization for each school’s individual needs, ability to manage settings, and permission through the Admin Console, in particular the ability to restrict or allow communication and sharing outside of the domain.

On a district level, it is fairly easy to manage domains and users. The platform can also easily integrate into existing NYC school systems. In supporting the Chromebooks in classrooms, NYC is hoping to provide its schools with another option, and a highly affordable one at that. Similar to Google Apps for Education, Chromebooks are also easy to deploy and manage using the same Admin Console used to manage Google Apps for Education accounts. To support their schools adoption of Google Apps for Education and Chromebooks, the New York City Department of Education has created a resource page on their website

Here at Teq, we are already big fans of Google in the classroom because of the reasons highlighted above, along with the ability to create organized, streamlined lessons, and the ease of student collaboration. To support the recent NYC decision, we have created several new courses on Chromebook management and deployment in addition to the myriad of courses we already offer on Google Apps.

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