Short and Sweet: URL Shorteners Made Easy

Classroom Tools on March 25 2014

We all like to share the great things we find on the web. But, sometimes a website’s address or URL is so long and complicated that it’s not easily remembered or shared. That’s where URL shorteners come in.

Why do we shorten URL’s?

We shorten URL’s basically because we like to share what we’ve found on the web with others. If you’re using social media you’ll notice that many of the URL’s that are shared have been shortened. On Twitter, where we only have 140 characters, this make it easier for us to tweet what we like.

Some URL shortening services such as or will also allow you to track statistics for what you’ve shared such as the number of times the URL was accessed and the location from which it was accessed. That feature could be used as a class project – share a link and see where it goes around the world.

We’ve chosen four URL shortening services and outlined the features you’ll want to consider as you choose the best one for your uses.

URL Table Image

What is your favorite URL shortener?