Considering 3D Printing to foster STEM growth?

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Events on October 23 2017

Teq PD experts are talking 3D design introduction, 3D printing lesson ideas, and tips and tricks to help you make a decision or get started. This free event is open to all educators and is NYS CTLE-approved.

Please bring a laptop or a mobile device. *Seats are limited, be sure to register today! See below for the full list of available courses or Click here

TUE NOV 14th 9:00 AM
Introduction to 3D Preparation Software

SMART Executive Briefing Center, New York

Many factors can affect your 3D printing experience, from the quality of your file to the settings in Cura, but knowing the software is key to success.
This session covers the basics — everything from how to download Cura, to how to find 3D prints, and what the right settings are for your masterpieces. Join Teq’s experts to grow your 3D skills and get right to the fun!

TUE, NOV 14th 11:30 AM
Designing in 3D: Tinkercad

SMART Executive Briefing Center, New York

Half the fun of having a 3D printer is taking your time to design something amazing. Maybe it’s an invention or an improvement to an existing lesson. During this session, we tackle Tinkercad–one of the simplest, yet most versatile 3D design software of the bunch. Learning Tinkercad immerses you in the Autodesk universe, an industry-leading software for a variety of 3D applications.

THU, JAN 25th 9:00 AM
Optimizing Your 3D Print

SMART Executive Briefing Center, New York

Cura is free, industry-leading 3D slicing software created by Ultimaker. With over 200 settings and one and a half million downloads, Cura is quickly becoming the go-to preparation software for 3D printing enthusiasts. But even the enthusiasts were novices looking for tips and tricks. This session will teach you how to maximize print efficiency by reducing waste, print times, and how to avoid a few of the common print failures. Join us to learn how to optimize your 3D print for setup, materials, and successful prints.

THU, JAN 25th 11:30 AM
3D Design Challenges

SMART Executive Briefing Center, New York

Design challenges are a fun and creative way to get your students thinking outside the box. During this session, you’ll learn how to start a design challenge, what’s needed to make it successful, and experience an example challenge yourself. Using CAD software, you’ll have the opportunity to design your own solution, share ideas, and network with educators passionate about STEM and 3D printing.