Future Engineer?


Learning Redesigned.

Classroom environments are shifting towards learning experiences that are personalized, adaptive, hands-on, and collaborative.

Schools that need a partner to help design custom content to enrich student learning, and enable students to explore and invent, now have iBlocks.

What is an iBlock?

An iBlock is personalized, custom-designed content created to produce a particular outcome for a selected group of students.

iBlocks are designed by you in collaboration with our award-winning PD team of state-certified teachers.

An iBlock:

  • A personalized custom-designed content, or instructional block, created to produce a particular outcome for your students.
  • Crafted around the engineering design process and the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework.
  • A flexible learning environment that is cross-curricular and accommodates varying learning styles.
  • Aligned to national, state, and local standards.
  • Created to span multiple grades so that students can build on their knowledge and skills as they advance through the content.
  • Designed to provide tailor-made lesson content that helps your students strengthen specific skill sets.
  • Custom-made for your particular instructional challenge.

Creating your iBlock

No one knows what your students need like you do. Let’s define and develop an iBlock for the outcomes you want to achieve.


Identify > Communicate

What kind of learning experience would you like to create?

What are the outcomes you want to realize?

If you could transform your curriculum, what would it look like?


Listen > Create

We work with you to create the skills matrix, lesson framework, and more, to help your students strengthen specific skill sets.

Designing a Learning Pathway

Together, we’ll custom design an iBlock (or instructional block) that enables your students to explore, invent, and build the skills they need to be successful.

Integrate STEM into your curriculum with iBlocks.

We know that exposing students to STEM is crucial for 21st century skills development, but often, our STEM programs grow stagnant and siloed. How much more effective could our STEM instruction be if we took a more interdisciplinary and holistic approach?

The jobs of the future will require the students of today to be proficient in Computer Science.

What better way to engage students in Computer Science than with project-based learning that teaches 21st century skills – and fun, hands-on, and collaborative ways to apply those skills?

What does an iBlock look like?

Every iBlock looks different, since it’s built to respond to the needs of your school and students, the skills you want to address, the standards to align with, and the tools to leverage.

There are two options when you commission an iBlock:

1An iBlocks foundation:

  • Planning and design
  • Skills matrix
  • Lesson framework with standards alignment
  • Teacher guide and student workbooks

2Complete iBlock:

Includes iBlock foundation plus:

  • Lesson content for entire iBlocks unit
  • Assessment and rubrics
  • Onsite professional development to get you started

Evolve your iBlock (optional):

  • Modify your iBlock framework and/or content for the next grade band, level, and/or shift its curricular focus.

Your iBlock is the sole property of your school and/or district and can be modified as desired.

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