Digital STEM curriculum that integrates with all hardware. Encourage students of any grade level to experience STEM activities like 3D printing, coding, gamification and website design.

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Curriculum by teachers, for teachers.

There are over 20 STEM Fuse courses available, each with their own teacher guide, step-by-step presentation, and lesson plans, for an easy deployment of STEM into core K-12 curriculum. STEM Fuse digital content fits any device, LMS, interactive board or panel, and can be downloaded as printable PDF files.


Uses core curriculum topics to introduce how STEM skills that are needed and used in every subject. Curriculum can serve elementary through high school levels, giving you a full k12 STEM strategy.


A fully digital and interactive RTI (response to intervention) based reading program. The systematic, multi-sensory approach incorporates all five components of reading (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension and vocabulary) to ensure the combination of teacher-directed instruction and intervention with independent student activities. (Available for grades K-5)


Expose your students to a wide range of concepts and technical skills that will greatly help them succeed in the future. (Courses available for elementary, middle, and high school)


A semester-long, project-based course that introduces students to Java programming and the development of mobile applications for Android devices.


A semester-long, project-based course introduces students to web design and content management systems (CMS).

Help Develop the next generation of problem solvers.

STEM: IT provides a complete teacher’s Guide for grades k-12 to introduce and coach students using 3D printing on real world applications. By combining STEM Fuse with our line of revolutionary 3D printers, you’ll have everything you need to develop student’s critical thinking and drive student engagement.

Courses to support every level of K-12.

All courses come with year round support, teaching guides, rubrics, teacher answers and more – everything you’ll need to achieve your STEM initiatives.

K12 Level

Curriculum offerings may differ for some school districts. To get a complete list of the curricula included contact your Teq Representative.

Evolve your classroom to support 21st century learning