Modular Furniture

Rethink, Re-engage, Rearrange

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Solutions to foster an active learning environment in the classroom.

Schools are implementing new technologies into the design of their classrooms, don’t let furniture stay in the past. Configurable desks and soft seating easily rearrange to fit your classroom environment.

Modular, Mobile and Adjustable

Agile and flexible desks, tables, storage, and seating connect students and teachers to lessons, to each other, and to new ways of learning. In addition, soft seating options are also available in freestanding or modular configurations.

Configurable Classrooms.

Options for classrooms, makerspaces, libraries, commons, lounges, STEM Labs, and more. Create collaborative spaces, areas for direct instruction, or space for individual work. The best classroom designs are the ones that are most flexible and can be arranged, and then rearranged, to support any type of learning.

Supporting an Active Learning Environment.

How a classroom space is designed can have a significant effect on the type of learning that takes place there, because different kinds of learning activities are best supported by different arrangements of the physical space.

STEM Mobile Labs.

Complete STEM Labs built to help you achieve your full curriculum potential. Successful STEM programs engage a broad range of student interests and abilities. Learning must be truly personalized; it must be individualized, differentiated and relevant to the interests and experiences of each and every student.

Evolve your classroom to support 21st century learning