3 Advanced Features in Edmodo

Post in News by JoAnndellaBadia on 28th January 2014

Edmodo is a social learning platform for the classroom that many teachers are using to engage students in learning within a collaborative environment. We have covered 7 Steps on How to Use Edmodo in a previous blog post.  If you’re just getting started with Edmodo or looking for some more advanced options, here are three features that you can use to engage your students.

1. Create a poll

One feature that teachers love to use is the poll.  Polls are a wonderful way for a teacher to check in with their class and get immediate feedback.  Teachers can assign polls to groups and/or communities.  The poll is taken anonymously and the student is only able to vote once.

  1. Click on the Poll tab at the top of the page.
  2. Click in the “Question” field and start writing your question. Once you do this the space for your answers will appear.
  3. Type in Answer 1 and 2.
  4. Click “Add Answer” if you need more than 2 answers.
  5. Select the group(s), student(s), or teacher(s) to which the poll will be sent. Click “Send.”

There are a few things to keep in mind about using Polls.

  • You cannot edit a Poll once it is created.  All student responses are anonymous so you won’t be able to see determine the answer that an individual student gave to the question.

  • You can schedule the time you would like the poll to be sent out by clicking on the clock prior to sending the poll out to your group.

2. Add a Co-Teacher

Adding a Co-Teacher to your Edmodo group means that you can have other teachers help to manage the activities in which your students are engaged. To add a Co-Teacher:

  1.  Invite the Co-Teacher to join the group, with the group code (same as students).
  2. Once the Co-Teacher has joined, click on the Members tab on the left hand side panel.
  3.  Select the More drop down arrow to the right of the teacher’s name and pick Co-Teacher from the menu.

Now this teacher has Co-Teacher capabilities.  This means that they will be able to help grade assignments, monitor discussions, and manage members.  Co-Teachers cannot archive or delete groups, upgrade other teachers to co-teachers, remove the group’s creator from the group or install an Edmodo app to the group.

3. Create a Custom Badge

Creating custom badges to award to students is a great way to recognize their accomplishments.

  1. Click on the Progress icon on the top toolbar. Click on “My Student Badges.”
  2. Click on the + sign under “My Students Badges.”
  3. Provide a Badge Title and a Description then click on the upload button to select an image for the Badge that you’ve saved on your computer. Your picture will auto resize to 114 X 114 pixels which is the standard badge size.
  4. Check the “Share this badge with other teachers” box to allow others to use the badge you’ve created.
  5. Click the “Create Badge” button then click on “Close.”

To award student badges:

  • Click on the Progress icon and select any group.

  • Click on the Badges tab, click on “Add a Badge to this Group.”

  • Select a badge then click on “Add badge to this group.”

“Note: Although you may still see some animated GIF Badges, this is no longer a supported file type. Badges can no longer be edited. Since badges can no longer be edited, if you intend to share the badge, you must check the box to share the badge with other teachers when you create the badge. You will not be able to go back later to share it.” (Edmodo)


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