5 Steps for Using the New Curriculet App in Edmodo

Post in News by DianeQuirk on 17th March 2014

curriculet_logoTeachers who use Edmodo are familiar with the app store that allows you to integrate a number of great resources into the work your students are doing in groups. This week, Curriculet announced that they’ve also joined the Edmodo App store providing teachers with the tools to build interactive content and assign it to the members of an Edmodo group for which the app has been installed.  Here’s how you can get started using Curriculet to build an interactive reading experience around the content your students are reading.

1. Get the App

Visit the Edmodo App Store and search for the Curriculet app.  Click on the green “Free” button then check the boxes for whatever groups you’d like to provide with access to Curriculet, agree to the End User Agreement and click on Install.  The app is now available from your Apps launcher.



 2. Find Relevant Content

When you choose Curriculet from the Apps Launcher, you’re automatically logged into the app.  At the top, there are three tabs: Library, Store, and Assignments.

When you visit the Store, you’ll see a few sample texts to get an idea of how curriculets work.  You can also search by categories or keywords.  You’ll see Categories such as Ready-to-use curriculets, History curriculets, Novels, Short fiction, Non-fiction, Readworks and Texts in Spanish.  When viewing the results of a search, clicking on any of them will add that resource directly to your Library.

In the Library, you have the option of also adding your own content.  When choosing “From file” you’ll be able to upload a word document or PDF stored on your computer.  The option to add a URL means that the text from a web article will be formatted for easier reading in Curriculet.

The Assignments tab will show all of the content you’ve assigned to students by class.

3. Add elements for interacting and responding to the content

In the past, we would send students home to read an article, either print or digital, and maybe answer some questions to hand in for homework.  For any content added to your Curriculet Library, you can edit to add annotations, single questions or a quiz containing several questions.

Click and hold your mouse on top of any word in the text. When you see it highlighted, you can then continue to highlight to select the appropriate amount of text for your purpose (word, phrase, sentence, paragraph). Then select:

  • Annotate – to enter links to videos, images, or other web content. Checking the box labeled “highlight selected text when this annotation is shown” means that when a student clicks on the Annotation icon that appears to the right of the text, it will show the associated portion of text that you highlighted.  Accessing an Annotation allows students to view the linked video or view the web content.
  • Add Question –add a single multiple choice or open ended response question with an option to select a Common Core Standard.  Students will be provided with real time feedback after answering these questions.
  • Add Quiz – provide a title for the quiz, add multiple choice questions, and choose a Common Core Standard. Students will be provided with feedback about their answers at the conclusion of all questions with the option to review their answers to display the chosen and correct answers.

As you create a curriculet, click on the “C” in the upper left corner to navigate to the student view. This will show you how the content and other elements will appear to them.curric3.JPG

Once you’ve completed editing the curriculet, click on the “C” in the upper left corner to select Done.  This takes you back to a summary page that displays the number of questions, annotations and quizzes contained in the curriculet.

4. Assign a curriculet to the class.

On the summary page, click on the “Assign to Class” button. From the window that pops up, select “+Add Assignment.” From the dropdown menu, select a class.  The classes you’ll see here are any of the Edmodo groups that you selected when installing the app.  Click on the Save button. curric4.JPG


Now, your students will log into Edmodo, choose your group and do the following:

  • Click on the app launcher, then click on the Curriculet app.
  • On the My Homework tab, select the content assigned.
  • While working with the content, view any annotations and answer any questions, then submit the answer.curric5.JPG

5. Review the data to assess instructional needs

From the teacher’s Curriculet home page, click on Assignments then click on the appropriate Class.  Select the title of the assigned content to see the data.

From the data you’ll be able to determine such things as:

  • What was the average quiz grade?
  • How much time did students as a whole spend on the task?
  • How many students completed this homework assignment?
  • How did individual students do?
  • How much time did each individual student spend on the task?
  • How did students perform on individual questions?  If you’ve aligned the questions with Common Core Standards, this might help you to design future curriculets or classroom instruction to help students better meet those Standards that were the most challenging.

Curriculet can be a powerful tool for helping us understand student’s progress in developing reading skills for the future. How would you use it in your classroom?


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