How to Add an Image to a SMART amp Workspace

News on June 24 2014

Few things are as important in the learning process as visual aids. From apples and ants to represent words that start with the letter a, to maps, diagrams and yes, even “selfies,” our brain has sophisticated image recognition capabilities to support learning.

SMART amp collaborative learning software allows users to take full advantage of its ability to support images in a workspace. In the video below, you will see exactly how to add images to a SMART amp workspace from a variety of devices. Whether the image was captured using a mobile device or downloaded from a photo sharing site, users can easily add images that can be seen by collaborators in real time.


Adding an image is the second option in the SMART amp workspace menu. From a computer, images can be selected from the hard drive, or an external source such as a flash drive. From a mobile device, images can be selected directly from the device’s camera roll.

adding images to a SMART amp workspaceOnce added to the workspace, the image can be move, scaled, rotated, and locked in place.

Adding images from the SMART Exchange to SMART amp
You can also add images to SMART amp from the SMART Exchange Gallery, which contains hundreds of useful images for a variety of subject areas and topics.

Have you tried it? Tell us about your experiences using images in SMART amp!