Adding a Co-Teacher to a Google Classroom Page

Robert Abraham
PD Account Manager / PD Specialist
News on March 25 2021

adding coteacher google classroom computer photo

Google Classroom is a wonderful class management tool that allows teachers to set up a paper-free classroom where they can interact with their students. Teachers can also invite other teachers to join the Google Classroom to help coordinate and manage classroom activities. Teachers can also be added from other schools if the domain membership settings allow it.

In a Google Classroom set up, co-teachers will have similar permissions to the primary teacher with a few exceptions — they cannot delete a class, and they cannot remove a primary teacher or mute another teacher in the class.

Here are the steps to invite a co-teacher to your class:

1. Go to

2. Click the class to open it.

3. Click the “People” tab on top.

screenshot of google classroom

4. Enter the email address of the teacher you want to invite.

5. As you enter text, Google Classroom shows matching addresses that you can choose from.

6. Select the correct teacher.

7. Click “Invite.”

*Optional – To invite more teachers, repeat steps above.

When a teacher is invited to join a class as a co-teacher, they will get an email asking them to co-teach your class. To join the class, the invited teacher should click a link in the email, or sign in to Classroom and click Accept on the class card.

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