Adding a SMART Notebook file to a SMART amp Workspace

News on June 03 2014

In the following video, you will see how to insert a SMART Notebook file into a SMART amp workspace. This feature allows teachers to easily share lessons with students as a follow up to whole-group instruction.

The students will be able to review the pages of the file, and as the teacher, you don’t have to be concerned with the types of devices that students might be using, or if they have SMART Notebook installed on their computer. The interactive elements will not carry over to the SMART amp workspace, but you can advance through the SMART Notebook file and preview all of the pages. Here are some screenshots of the process: First, select the paperclip icon at the bottom, left of the SMART amp workspace.

Select the paperclip icon i nthe SMART amp workspace

Then select a SMART Notebook file from your computer to add to the SMART amp workspace.

Select a SMART Notebook file to add to the SMART amp workspace

After the SMART Notebook file uploads, it is available in the workspace for students to review. You can drag the Notebook preview window around the workspace, and move forward and backwards through the pages. They are not interactive, but all of the content is there. Obviously this would be a great enhancement to future versions of SMART amp.

Preview the SMART Notebook file in SMART amp. No device worries.

For more info on SMART amp, or to try it, check out our previous post about the free trial, or the videos on the SMART YouTube channel. There are also some great videos there on the new features in SMART Notebook 2014.