Adobe Spark Post in the Classroom

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What is Adobe Spark Post?

Adobe Spark Post is a fun, quick, and easy way to create great looking graphics. This free program allows teachers and students to make stunning images without any previous design experience. It’s also available as an app for iPads and Chromebooks making it a very accessible tool for the classroom.

Here are some great ideas for using Adobe Spark Post in the classroom.

Idea #1: Memes

Students can use Adobe Spark Post to create memes. These popular social media items are images or videos that are captioned with text to express an idea or a humorous or inspirational thought. Students can create memes for classroom procedures or rules. Teachers can also use them for activities like ice-breakers or lesson starters.

Idea #2: Political Cartoons

Another great way this tool can be used by both students and teachers is for creating political cartoons. Like memes, political cartoons are images with captions that can be used to present complex messages or ideas. And because Adobe Spark Post is so easy to use, it’s a great solution for students young and old.

Idea #3: Book Covers and Posters

Another project idea is for students to create their own book covers using Adobe Spark Post. They can redesign and reinterpret existing book covers or create new ones for stories they have written in class. They can also use a cool feature to create a comic strip design, since Adobe Spark Post allows users to add multiple images into a single graphic so comic strips or montages are easily produced. Posters can also be created using this feature.

Did You Know?

Adobe Spark Post projects are synced between devices so students and teachers can work on one device and sync in the cloud to be later edited on another device. And did I mention that it was free? Even better – schools can get premium features that usually cost $9.99 a month for free.

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