App-Free Screen Casting on a SMART Board

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News on March 17 2021

Did you know SMART has app-free screen sharing? Students can share up to four devices simultaneously to a SMART Board interactive display without downloading any apps – simply using their device’s native screen sharing technology. Check out the video below for additional details on how to access app-free screen casting on a SMART Board interactive display:

SMART Supports Native Screen Casting

For example, students with Chromebooks can utilize the Chromecast tool, students with iPads can use the screen mirroring tool, and students with Windows tablets or laptops can use the Miracast tool to share their screens to the SMART board. Teachers can monitor and control which devices connect to the display and can choose to spotlight or give control to a specific student’s device.


Added Features with the SMART Screen Share App

In addition to being able to use a device’s native screen sharing technology, SMART also provides the option for students to share their screens to the board using the SMART Screen Share app. Available through the Apple Store and Google Play Store, the SMART Screen Share app also enables touchback support for Mac and Windows devices. Touchback allows teachers to control screen casted devices wirelessly on the SMART Board. Touchback can be used to deliver presentations, PDFs, or other content on a SMART display.

Screen Casting with Your SMART Board

Screen casting provides many opportunities to share content. Teachers can share whiteboard sessions and lessons with students on their devices, whether those students are in the classroom or working remotely. Teachers can toggle the shared lessons between teacher-paced or student-paced, providing support for both synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Different screen casting options are only some of the features that have been added to SMART Boards over the past few years. Click here to learn about some of the latest updates to SMART Learning Suite.

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