Apps to Support Mental Wellness for Students

Patricia Umhafer
PD Specialist
News on April 30 2020

Mental health wellness is important

As we make the transition into remote learning, it’s important to shed some light on mental health and wellness. As teachers, we always had a part in our students mental health due to spending face-to-face time with them day in and day out. How do we do that now? How do we help ensure that our students are growing not just academically in time of uncertainty, but also staying mentally healthy? Below, you will find some apps that students (and adults) can use to help support mental wellness.

Here are some apps that can help

Stop, Breathe & Think Kids
This is a mindful game app recommended for children 5-10. Users are able to check in with emojis on how they are feeling, and the app will in turn recommend age appropriate meditations. There is also an adult version.

Recolor Coloring Book to Color
Coloring can offer a wonderful outlet for stress and anxiety. This app is designed for older children and allows them to color a variety of pictures digitally.

Breath, Think, Do with Sesame
This app combines problem solving, self-regulation and self-awareness with beloved Sesame Street characters.

This is a great app for people just getting started with meditation. Guided meditations can range from a short three-minute relax and refocus session, to a full 25-minute guided meditation. Topics range from sleep stories to self-esteem and reduced anxiety. Great app for children and adults alike.

Smiling Mind
This app breaks up activities and meditations by age group. Students are able to track their progress and emotions in the dashboard. Families are also able to login and create sub accounts.

Headspace provides ten minute spoken word meditations to help with mindfulness, focus and creating a calm mind and body. Great for students of all ages.

I do feel it important to note that while these apps are wonderful and can be very helpful on daily bases, they do not replace mental health professionals. If you, or your students feel you need support, please do not hesitate to reach out to a doctor, social worker or other mental health professional. They are there to support you.

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