Bloxels and Makey Makey: A Match Made in Heaven

Laura Jakubowski
PD Specialist
News on June 07 2019


Bloxels + Makey Makey

Looking for a fun project to sky rocket student engagement while keeping the students tipped into STEM topics? Look no further than Bloxels and Makey Makey. One of the coolest new STEAM education products on the market, Bloxels allows students to color code with physical color blocks, game boards, character and art creation, and tell stories through game creation. Pair it with an old favorite like the Makey Makey and you have a great foray into making STEM items and color-coding. Read about how these two can integrate below.

Start by building with the board

Use the Bloxels board to have students create their characters, their game world, their art (like coins, prizes, and enemies), and their backgrounds. Let students unleash their creativity and build that story about a unicorn that travels through a Cheeseland in search of robot dancers. The sky’s the limit. Then use the Bloxels Edu app to take pictures of the board each time the students create a new element (character, game word, art, or background). Once the students have built up their catalog of boards, it’s time to…

Craft game stories

Use the Bloxels Edu app or website to arrange their game world, select and swap their art, or even animate their characters. Characters can be animated to walk, jump, and even fall so that students can see the full breadth of action in their stories. They can craft a narrative by animating their enemies or determining their rewards and hazards for game play. Now that they are putting the finishing touches on their games, the next step is to…

Create game controllers

This is where the Makey Makey is key. Since the Bloxels software and game controlling elements are mostly the arrows on their keyboards, students can add a further creative element by creating their controllers with Makey Makey. Make the game even more tactile for students by drawing the controller out in pencil, using foil to showcase character actions, or even grab some Play-Doh and design the controller with it! Simply hook the Makey Makey between the new physical controller and the computer and BAM! You have a narrative game that is ready for some fun play.

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