How to Change Your Profile Name in Google and Google Classroom

Matthew Thaxter
PD Account Manager / PD Specialist
News on April 12 2021

change profile name in google classroom

While many teachers wish to take full advantage of the Google Workspace for Education, and especially Google Classroom, there has been a nagging concern for some teachers: “How can I have my name listed as Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss/Dr., etc?” This would not only align with the name students are used to seeing and using, but would also remove the exposure of teachers’ first names to students.

It’s actually quite easy to change your profile name in Google and Google Classroom. Your name in Classroom is based upon your Google account, and thus your Google Administrator needs to give you permission to alter your personal information. However, the Admin for your Google account cannot change your personalized Google information automatically — this is left for the individual teacher to alter. So, when a teacher wishes to alter his/her name in Google Classroom, this change affects your public-facing profile name across all of the linked Google account applications. It’s important to note that this will not change your official information in your Google — just your public facing profile.

Choose one of the two methods below and follow the steps to change your salutation in Google Classroom.

Method #1: Changing your profile name from within Google Classroom

1. While in Google Classroom, click on the main menu (A.K.A. the hamburger menu, or the three parallel lines in the upper left-hand corner).

2. Click on the “Settings” gear.

3. Click on “Manage.”

4. Click on “Personal Info.”

5. Click on the right-facing chevron next to your name.

6. You will most likely have to sign in again for security purposes.

7. Now, change your first name to the salutation of your choice, and then click “Save.”

Method #2: Changing your profile name from the Google Apps icon

1. Open a new Google search page.

2. Click on your avatar/icon that represents your Profile. Click on “Manage your…”.

3. Follow the previous example from steps 4-7 from above.

That’s it! That’s just how easy it is to rename yourself in the Google world. Before you get going, just make sure you have permission from the Google admins to complete these steps.

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