Creating and Organizing Interactive Boards with Webjets

Post in News by Greg DaSilva on 26th December 2019


One challenge for educators is helping their students stay organized while completing research projects. Webjets can help students both organize and present their research in an interactive way. This free service allows students to add a wide variety of web-based content to Boards (think digital bulletin boards) which can either be used to compile research, or to create a final product.

Let’s take a look at how to navigate the site!

Tutorials and Features

After logging in, users will be prompted with a tutorial to get them acquainted with how to use Webjets. Students can drag a card from the bottom toolbar. In the blank card, they can type their notes. Any URL can also be added by simply copying and pasting it onto the board. All tiles can be rearranged in any way the students want.

Additionally, files can be uploaded and added to the boards from student devices. Students can even add “live” documents, like Google Docs or Slides. On the left hand side of the page there are more detailed tutorials under the “Learn Webjets” header.

Using Webjets

To begin, students would create a Board. They can do this by dragging the board option onto the workspace from the toolbar. The toolbar at the bottom of the page has other options that students can use to stay organized and make meaningful connections in their research. Students can create Lists, Mindmaps, Tables or even folders of content. In the example shown here, on display are the different types of tiles that students can create. The Article tile is a list of useful websites. Tasks is a table tile where students could similarly create a “to do” list for their project and tick off a box once that task has been completed. There are also Cards which contain some explanation of the topic, as well as GIFs and images taken from the web.

Students can also publish their Boards to the web. Simply clicking on the ellipsis next to their Board title will give them the option to publish. This can be an empowering way for students to show off their research to the community.

Have fun exploring this great web-based resource and help your students stay organized and be proud of their work!

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