Creating Remote Learning Activities Using ClassFlow

Benjamin Cebulash
PD Specialist
News on July 13 2020

ClassFlow is a free, cloud-based platform designed to provide teachers and students with a common and remote interactive space. Here, they can share and work jointly on lessons, activities, polls, and quizzes.

One of the applications within ClassFlow is the Activity Creator. This provides teachers with the means to apply content to a variety of templates and game-based activities. Simply select the “Create Activity” shield at the dashboard, and that will open a window in which you can select/build an activity. It will default to a Matching Activity, but you can select the blue “Change Activity” button to choose from the various templates.

Once you have selected an activity type, add the content, and adjust any labels if necessary. Subsequent to adding the content, you can choose the number of items you would like to display in the activity, and select a background to enhance its appearance. At this point, I would choose to save and title my work by selecting the Menu icon in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. Your saved copy can now be found in your resources folder which can be accessed via the dashboard.

In the menu, you can also access Properties and choose to align the activity to a particular grade level and a set of standards; you can also create a profile for your class. Moreover, you can change and exit from the activity through the menu choices. Despite this, and most importantly, you have the ability to preview the activity before you deliver it to your students. With this feature you can run the activity via your interactive display and/or push it out to your students’ devices via a secure website.

The ClassFlow templates include a categorization/sorting activity, a crossword and word search builder, a memory and a matching game, a labeled diagram builder to customize images, and a timeline generator to enhance visual impact and to interact with the content. Ultimately, use the Venn Diagram maker or the sequencing activity creator to build engaging content for your students.

You will discover that these templates are infinitely suitable for any game-based learning activities to both supplement your lessons and maximize student engagement. ClassFlow is also an excellent resource for ELL teachers to create visually impressive activities that support vocabulary development and relevance. The possibilities are endless! And, because this is a web-based resource, you and your students can work and access ClassFlow from any location, at any time. You can seamlessly access content, and share and collaborate with others, whether you are working remotely or at school.

Lastly, you will find the platform intuitive, user friendly and, again, totally free. How would you use ClassFlow’s Activity Creator to supplement student learning through remote instruction? We’d love to hear your ideas.