Diving into the GoNoodle Curriculum

Post in News by Patricia Umhafer on 12th March 2020

GoNoodle is an interactive early education website for Pre-K through 2nd grade that gets children moving, learning, and engaging with productive screen time. The platform has several categories covering curricular, mindfulness, sensory and motor skills, school life, and movement type. Each category is then broken down into skills or subject areas. There are several videos under each to promote the skill or subject.

Exploring the GoNoodle curriculum

Continuing on with our series, in this blog we’ll explore the curricular category which is broken into several subject areas: Math, Science, ELA, Social Studies, Health Education, Music Education, Reading Practice, and Spanish. Each subject area has several music videos to enforce the skill or topic being taught. Many of them can also cross into other subject areas.
Who says math has to be a boring sit-at-your desk subject? With GoNoodle, your students can get up and moving while learning how to count, skip count, pattern, work with currency, and even learn concepts like greater than, less than, and equal to. Who knows — they just might encounter a dancing hotdog as they learn!


Children experience higher retention and understanding of a challenging topic when kinesthetic learning plays a part. For instance, GoNoodle’s Science curriculum section offers fun rap videos to teach the scientific method, the water cycle, bones of the body, the solar system, and vertebrate animals. There’s even a healthy workout to exercise your heart! These videos also incorporate ELA by using some great vocabulary and displaying the words on the screen to enhance comprehension.


In the ELA category, the performers also do things like dance to prefixes and suffixes, clap out syllables, and other great ways to get children excited to read. During the reading practice segment, the purple moose is helping students with word recognition, rhyming, phonics, and phonological awareness and repetition.

Social Studies and Music

In the Social Studies and Music category, students can explore the world of classical music as they learn a rap about the great USA all while moving, reading words, and absorbing culture. The music is also very relaxing. And with Cinco De Mayo approaching, why not shake up your routine by adding in some Spanish?

The Curricular section of GoNoodle is a great way to enhance your curriculum. When students are exposed to rich, immersive learning, the possibilities are endless. These videos are fun, entertaining, and get students moving and ready to learn in a fun and unique way.

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