Free and Friendly Math Resources for Parents

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Have you ever tried to help with your child’s homework, but were left feeling a bit confused? New math strategies allowing multiple avenues of solving a problem can leave parents overwhelmed. However, now there are free and friendly math resources for parents, like websites and apps. They can help you to find solutions to your child’s math problems, and even break down the steps necessary to solve that problem.


friendly math resources_wolfram

The first is WolframAlpha. This website is a powerhouse for helping those stymied to find answers to challenging questions. The site is divided by subject areas like Math, Science & Tech, Society & Culture, and Everyday Life.

Starting with the dialogue box on the first page, just type in your question. Within a few seconds you will get an explanation of the principles and concepts needed to solve that question. As you can see, there are many different avenues to solving a math problem. It will also display graphical results, if necessary, to illustrate the steps.

There are a few paid-for features to assist with classroom level guidance, and features for parents, too!


friendly math resources photomath

For those parents who don’t want to whip out the laptop and/or bother with visiting WolframAlpha’s site and typing in their question, there is an app that will work faster: Photomath.

If your child has a question about a math problem, just use the app and scan the question. Whether it is hand-written or textbook typed, the scanner will return with the most relevant answer. It will provide feedback, step-by-step solutions, graphs, plotting points, and more. Photomath will even show animated instructions on how to solve the math problem.

In their own words, “Photomath is designed to support student learners at their own level of understanding… to surface the right information at the right time and to help students process and understand math problems using a device and format they are already familiar with.”

Though there are several dozens apps and websites that advocate for all stakeholders in the math arena, these two are some of the easiest ones to use. Both WolframAlpha and Photomath provide quick and immediate strategies and solutions-based answers for those who might need free and friendly math resources.

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