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frolyc-icon-512More and more, we’re finding tools on the web and for mobile devices that allow teachers to create activities for students that can be aligned with the Common Core Standards and that help to personalize student learning.  Frolyc is a tool that does just that.

Here’s why you might consider using Frolyc:

1. Activities are Common Core aligned.

After signing up for a free account, your dashboard will lead you to Search the Catalog of activities already created.  Your search can be done by grade level and keyword.  Instead of supplying a typical keyword, you can also enter the designator for any Common Core Standard, for example RI.4.1.

2. Teachers can create their own custom activities.

As you create an activity, you’ll include a description, subject, grade level, Lexile level and keywords to make it easy for others to find your shared work. Activities can contain up to 6 pages and include elements such as visual organizers, reading comprehension types, drawings or web links. Organize your pages in any order to create the best workflow for students.

3. Activities can be saved to your library and shared with a class or individual students.

On the dashboard, click on Manage Classroom to see that your first class is automatically set up for you to begin adding up to 30 students. Each student is assigned a unique code which you must share with them so they can access an activity via the Activity Spot app for iPad. (Plans are in the works for creating web-based access to activities within the next few months.)


Choosing Publish to iPad as you complete your own activities or search for one in the catalog, places them in your library found on the dashboard under Manage Activities.  Here you can select an activity, click on Manage Assignment then select the student(s) who will be assigned the activity.  This is a great way to personalize the learning for students by providing activities at their ability level or activities that will require them to stretch their skills a bit.  On the iPad, students will use their unique code to login to the Activity Spot app and access assigned activities. (After you’ve signed up and downloaded the app, here’s an activity that you can try: Composting-Why Should We?)

4. Student progress can be monitored

Manage Activities provides you with access to student performance.  Select an activity and click on View Student Performance.  Here you’ll be able to see each student’s performance. Use the drop down menu to select elements of the activity that contain data.

As you consider the use of Frolyc and the Activity Spot app in your classroom, here are a couple of links to the work that teachers are doing with Frolyc.

How would you use Frolyc to personalize learning for your students?




  • Little Bird Tales Lessons gives so much flexibilty and you can create more pages. Students can even record their voice. (free!). The premium accounts allow teachers to created lessons with their own text and recorded instruction, plus still allows the student to leave their typed answer and record their voice. And teachers can create classes and track progress as well. There are also common core aligned lesson plans available, even in foreign languages.

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