Getting the Most Out of Web Videos Within Google Meet

Matthew Thaxter
PD Account Manager / PD Specialist
News on November 05 2020

Over the course of the last seven months, technology has been changing and evolving just as fast as teachers learn that technology. There are a few updates that many teachers have had issues with, such as sharing and/or streaming web-based video content with students through Google Meet.  

Teachers who have experienced this issue play web-based videos (via YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) during their Google Meet, and the playback and sound are fine on their end. However, students claim they cannot hear any audio from the teacher’s presentation view of video content.

Here are the steps for a solution

  • Launch your Google Meet either from your Calendar, Google Classroom, or from the Google Apps Launcher.
  • Open another tab on the same Google Chrome window, and find the YouTube or web video you wish to stream during the class. 
  • In your Meet, click Present now in the lower right-hand corner of the viewing window. 
  • Choose the A Chrome tab option. 
  • Select the tab with the video you opened from the selection of Chrome tabs. 
  • Wait for the screen to present to the students, and then push play. 

It’s that simple!  

This trick will prevent frustration for both the teacher and students while playing back video during a Google Meet. This will also work for those who wish to have music or audio files play in the background from a music streaming site, or from audio embedded Google Slide presentations. 

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