Top 3 Google Add-ons and Extensions for English Teachers

Post in News by Alyssa Gracey on 10th October 2018

google add-ons and extensions

We’ve done some research to help all of the awesome English teachers out there. Here are some of Teq’s favorite Google add-ons and extensions – they can make all of the reading, commenting, and assessing English teachers do on a daily basis a little bit easier, and more streamlined. These aren’t all the resources out there, but they are a great start, and integrate well with your Google Classroom. Experiment and see what works for you and your classroom!


GradeProof is a Google Docs add-on which provides teachers and students with grammar, spelling, and phrasing suggestions. Once students finish an assignment, a dialogue box appears, which not only offers them suggestions to correct mistakes, but also provides explanations for those corrections. After reading the suggestion and explanation, students can choose to either accept or reject the suggestion.


Kami is a Google Chrome extension that allows students to mark-up and annotate PDF files. This makes submitting worksheets on Google Classroom easy for both teachers and students!

Orange Slice: Teacher Rubrics

Orange Slice: Teacher Rubrics is a Google Docs add-on that allows teachers to add pre-made or self-created rubrics to Google Docs assignments before sending them back to students. This is a great way for teachers to provide meaningful feedback to students, particularly on assignments graded in Google Classroom.

For more resources, check out our Teq Online PD courses on Google Chrome and ELA support.



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