iPad Apps for Math

Terry VanNoy
PD Specialist
News on December 22 2020

Do you need some iPad apps to help your students excel in Math? In this blog, we’ll share some great apps for the iPad that K-5 students can use to learn math concepts, and then practice and share them with their teachers and classmates. 

The iPad apps below are divided into four separate categories so that you can choose which skill you want to focus on. Most of the apps listed below are free and easily downloaded from the Apple App Store. Some also have web versions, if students want to access them from Chromebooks, a PC, or Mac computer. 

Learning & Exploring Math Ideas

Math Learning Center

The Math Learning Center is a set of math tools where young learners can make their own hands-on model of what they are learning. Among others, you can find great apps for Geoboard, Number Frames, Number Line, Number Pieces and Fractions. These are offered in multiple formats.  

SchoolKit Math

Schoolkit Math has over 20 tools to help kids learn their math concepts and gives quick and easy access to manipulatives that students commonly use in the classroom. It also includes a Math Journal and Challenge Quizzes.


GeoGebra is an interactive geometry, algebra, statistics and calculus application, and its name comes from a combination of algebra and geometry. With GeoGebra, elementary level students can explore the properties of shapes such as triangles and quadrilaterals. These moveable/drag-able objects can be measured so the properties of them will be more understandable. 

Skills Development


SplashLearn is a game-based learning curriculum for K-5 that includes everything from learning to count, to advanced learning games that build critical thinking and independent learning skills.  

Math Run: Panda Chase

Accelerate learning as students test their speed and wit by running, avoiding obstacles, and solving math problems in this action-packed “edutainment” app!  


IXL is a skills-based assessment tool where the student questions get progressively harder. If students reach a point of struggling, the AI takes them back to a previous level. There is no teaching here, just a great way to measure progress. Very effective!


Quizlet is a popular flash card site where teachers can upload their card decks and assign them to students. Students can also create their own cards, making this a fun and effective study aid. Give it a try!

Demonstrating Learning & Sharing Your Knowledge


If students have to create their own video tutorials to demonstrate learning, have them use ShowMe. Using a whiteboard, ink and text tools, and the record button, ShowMe helps them make their own videos to prove what they know and then share it with the class. Easy to learn and great to share!


With Notability, students can write notes and record their own voices to explain their written explanations or drawings. Great for college students as they listen to a course lecture, but also great for students to demonstrate what they know.

Explain Everything

Similar to ShowMe, Explain Everything is an easy platform for students to record their notes and voiceovers to show what they know. The infinite canvas and recording tools make creating whiteboard explainer videos a breeze.  

Bonus: Fun & Interest


For the student who is a real “numberphile”! Mathemagics uses a list of mental math “tricks” for calculation patterns. It does a good job of explaining the trick, giving examples, and then providing more practice. Very interesting! 

There are a lot of other apps not mentioned here, so please feel free to share the ones your students are using with us.

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