ISTE PD: It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane… It’s a Breadboard!

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Come and see our giant breadboard at booth #2652 at ISTE 2018

Our giant ISTE breadboard isn’t a wonder of the world – yet – but it is the largest one ever constructed. *Disclaimer: that we know of.  Why is a breadboard a vital part of STEM and maker education? How can you use it to bring circuitry to life in the classroom? Read below to find out!

 Overheard in the Teq offices

“Let’s do something really fun for ISTE.”

“Something that people will want to come and see!”

“Something with a breadboard, maybe?”

“Yeah, let’s make a breadboard! A gigantic one.”

“Why gigantic?”

“It’ll be funny. Everything’s funny when it’s way bigger than normal.”

Breadboard 101

Breadboards are hardware used to build temporary solderless circuits. Breadboards are a great solution for teaching circuitry in the classroom as they are cost effective, re-usable, and easy to work with. Use them to reinvent the way you teach students about electron flow, voltage, current, resistance, circuit functions, and more!

Want to learn more about breadboards, circuitry, and how to tie it all together? Teq Online PD has an Introduction to Circuits Using Breadboards course that you can view with a subscription to the platform.

Why should you come see the giant ISTE breadboard?

Some things just have to be seen in person, and our giant 4 x 5 ½ foot breadboard is one of them. We took the idea of the solderless breadboard circuit and supersized it from its normal size (pocket size) to something that’s too big to fit in your trunk. We created our masterpiece using polyethylene foam, pool noodles, 3D printed LED light caps (shout out to MakerBot!), and some maker education muscle. Turns out it’s a great tool for teaching the basics of circuitry and making complicated concepts easier (and more fun!).

The Making of the Breadboard

Making the breadboard was a labor of love. For over 40 hours, our team of Curriculum Specialists from Teq Online PD painstakingly measured, cut, and constructed it – take a look at the video below for a quick (very quick!) peek at the process. From the vertical power rails, to the horizontal strips, our giant breadboard has plenty of space to build all the connections you need. For what, you ask? Come to booth #2652 to find out!



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