Keep Your Distance with Sphero

Nicole Soto
News on October 06 2020


Though teaching and learning look different this year, educators are adapting to new ways of teaching while maintaining a safe environment — and we’re here to help. Sphero has created a learning guide we’d like to share that provides tips, resources, and activities to manage a safe, socially distanced classroom or blended learning model, all while keeping students engaged, focused, and learning.

Here are some highlights you can expect from this great resource for distance and hybrid learning.

Learning content for the classroom and home

When you download the complete Socially Distanced Learning with Sphero guide, you’ll have access to Sphero’s BOLT and Mini activity guides to help you get started with introductory at-home activities. Sphero has created 100+ standard-aligned STEAM and Computer Science lesson and activities that can be teacher-led or self-guided so discovery and learning can continue beyond the classroom.

Sphero and LittleBits also have brand-new activity content for classroom learning. This content abides by the CDC guidelines for health, safety, and well-being, so you’ll have activities on hand that purposefully minimize student contact via shared surfaces and robots. One great example of this is Sphero’s Six Feet Apart Program, which uses a robot and tape marks on the floor to indicate a six-foot distance between students.

How to use collaborative products

This guide encourages collaboration through online tools such as Google Docs, so students have effective ways to communicate and share ideas. The Sphero Edu app is another great resource. With the app, you can assign an activity to an individual student, a group of students, or an entire class. Accessible from almost any smart device or computer, the app allows you to program your robots anytime and anywhere via Bluetooth.

Cleaning and disinfecting products

Children in schools are at the top of the list when it comes to daily social interaction, so making sure that students are learning in a safe environment and are practicing social distancing is at the top of the list. To this end, Sphero’s guide provides step-by-step outlines for how to clean and properly disinfect specific Sphero robots and LittleBits.

When you download the guide, you’ll also learn about check-out and lending programs for your school’s Sphero products, in order to keep students, parents, and educators safe and healthy. Here’s to staying hands-on and healthy!

Download the guide

Interested in downloading the complete guide? Click to download Socially Distanced Learning with Sphero for free!

In addition to the Sphero created resources and lessons, we also recommend exploring Sphero Edu, your hub to create, contribute, and learn with Sphero robots.

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