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Here’s everything you need to know about the LED ISTE badge activity at our ISTE booth!

Do you consider yourself a maker, or a groundbreaker? An educator? Or maybe a thought-leader?

It’s all about professional development at Teq ISTE booth #2652! In addition to our interactive lecture Creating Your Own STEAM Makerspace and booth sessions that show you ways to bring maker education to your classroom, when you visit our booth you’ll actually become a maker, too! We’ll give you a kit to make your very own LED ISTE badge. Whether you make it at our booth, or take it home for later – here’s how you do it!

Learn how to make your LED ISTE badge

We designed this little activity to show just how simple it is to teach basic circuitry as a fun project in the classroom… and to show how empowering it is to be a maker!

You’ll find the instructions printed on the back of the LED Badge, but here’s the blow-by-blow:


     1. Place the copper tape (given in kit) on the solid gray lines.

     2. Push the LED (given in the kit) through the holes with the legs touching the corresponding copper tape (positive and negative). 

     3. Fold the entire name badge along the dotted line.

     4. Place the battery (given in the kit) in the designated location.

     5. Tape around the edges of the flap to secure the battery in place.


Done! You LED should have lit up… and it probably brought a smile to your face.

You can now proudly display the “I am a…maker/groundbreaker/educator/thought-leader” message when your wear your LED badge around at the conference.


Learn how to make your LED ISTE badge (2)

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