Manage 3D Prints Remotely with MakerBot CloudPrint

Robert Abraham
PD Account Manager / PD Specialist
News on November 02 2020

Managing 3D print jobs in the classroom can be a difficult task but managing them remotely is even more troublesome. Fortunately, MakerBot has a cloud-based solution to help teachers better handle remote print jobs.  

MakerBot CloudPrint is a new service being offered by MakerBot that will allow the teacher to monitor, start prints, and manage the print queue all from a browser. This is an ideal solution for teachers in schools, but more importantly, it gives them the ability to handle the workflow for students who might be learning remotely. The software, which is currently free to use, combines many tools and features of MakerBot Print with the flexibility of the cloud. 

Some of the remote features of CloudPrint include: 

  • Importing models 
  • Preparing and slicing models 
  • Managing print jobs 
  • Prioritize and queue print jobs 
  • Monitoring print jobs 
  • Live camera feed 
  • Reports on completed and failed print jobs 

This is a much-needed 3D printing solution during times of remote and hybrid learning, and should be a great help for schools looking for solutions as they make their way through the school year. 

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