Bringing Mobile App Development to the Classroom with MAD-learn

Nina Sclafani
Senior Event Coordinator
News on October 05 2020

Ask any kid what their favorite piece of tech is and they’ll probably say it’s their phone. Actually, scratch that. Ask any kid what their favorite piece of tech is and they probably won’t hear what you said because they’re busy playing with their phone.

And who can blame them? With unlimited access to their favorite shows and games, numerous ways to communicate with their friends, and the world’s largest library just a Google search away, kids have the world in their hands.

So how we bridge together their love of their phones with creative learning skills?

That’s where MAD-learn comes in.

MAD-learn: the mobile app development tool

MAD-learn is a mobile app development program that uses the design thinking process to prepare students for tomorrow’s careers. With its user-friendly web-based platform, students can log in and create their own apps within minutes.

The process of creating with MAD-learn is simple:

  • Ideate: Students brainstorm their app ideas and decide which idea they want to pursue.
  • Plan: Through research and creative thinking, students determine what they want their app to do and what functions they want to include.
  • Design: Here is where students will edit and create their own images and logos to brand and create the feel of the app.
  • Build: Using the web platform, students will build each screen of the app and determine where they want to place each of the app functions.
  • Test: Students can preview their app, troubleshoot any issues, and receive feedback from their teacher and peers.
  • Launch: Students can proudly present and pitch their app to their peers.

A user-friendly solution for the hybrid classroom

As we navigate hybrid instruction, inventive and engaging learning solutions that work both in-person and remote are more important than ever. To that end, MAD-learn allows students to access their work anywhere via the web-based platform, which also allows students to use the device of their choosing.

MAD-learn also makes it easy for teachers to learn the platform and facilitate lessons. According to Sarah Parham, 7th grade Humanities teacher at the Lovett School, “Having access to the teaching slide decks was a game-changer; we were able to modify those and then provide normed language and instructions across 10 classrooms during our design work.”

Learn from the founder

During this summer’s Teq Virtual Summit, MAD-learn Founder and CEO, Alefiya Master, delivered a webinar that took the audience through the design process above. Within 45 minutes, the audience was able to view student work, explore the platform, and try their hand at app creation.

To see the webinar for yourself, watch it here.

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